Minutes of May 11, 2007 Meeting

J. Abraham, J. Boyle, L. Millerand, M. Page, C. Mills J. Ward

Inaugural Meeting

Members present discussed goals and tasks for the group, which was established at the recommendation of the Internal Communications Task Force. It was decided that the group would concentrate on identifying best practices for collaborative work of committees and other groups in the Libraries. For example, where is the best place to hold discussions, in the wiki, chat, or another function?

The group considered developing model sites and providing duplicates to those setting up a new committee like the Web Developers' Toolkit. Our use of Sakai and sharing what we will develop might benefit from learning how Karen Novick rolled out eCompanion at SCILS. SCILS could also review our models. Judit Ward and one other member of the Group will contact SCILS at the end of the semester. We also need to study how other libraries use Sakai.

Sakai is relevant to library committees, instruction librarians, liaisons, trainers, and individuals. The Group might sponsor a workshop or do a survey to learn the extent to which Sakai is used in the Libraries. The Group will ask Marty Kesselman and Andy Rodriguez to demonstrate their use of Sakai in instruction.

Group members will look at Sakai quick guides and joinable sites before the next meeting, at which a site for the User Group will be created. All agreed that the charge in the Task Force report worked well as a charge for the group:

The Sakai Users Group is a forum where Sakai users can share and develop expertise and explore collaborative document development and virtual meeting applications.

The next meeting was scheduled for May 24, 2007, 2:30 pm, in the Electronic Classroom at the Library of Science and Medicine.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/sakai_users_group/minutes/sakai_users_group_07-05-11.shtml
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