Minutes of September 23, 2004 Meeting

Kayo Denda (recorder), Howard Dess, Dan Fishman, Ron Jantz, John Keisers, Jim Niessen, Ryan Womack

Finalization of PCSP Launch

PCSP moved into a new journal platform called Open Journal Systems (OJS) developed at University of British Columbia, Public Knowledge Project.

Open Journal Systems (OJS)

SCC's role:



Future Candidates and Criteria

EJBE (ed. M. Denda). Karen Wenk is migrating EJBE from custom site to OJS. Discussion scheduled with M. Denda on 9/27/04 to discuss related issues. The migration offers significant advantages in the preservation aspect and sustainability of the journal content.

New Candidates:

Discussion: Rutgers Magazine is not a scholarly journal. However, it would qualify as SCC project if designated as a pilot or prototype for non-academic publication without the peer-review process.


PCSP Demo followed in the IHL.

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