Minutes of October 20, 2004 Meeting

G. Agnew, H. Dess, H. Hoffman, J. Niessen, R. Sewell, R. Womack (recorder)

1. Survey of digital projects in RU academic units

The committee reviewed the proposed Survey of Digital Projects that liaison librarians will be asked to complete. The survey is intended to describe existing digital content that is being hosted and developed, formally or informally, within individual departments or centers. The results of this survey will be used to develop the data model to be used by the Rutgers Repository.

There was discussion about the distinction between a depository and a repository. A depository is a place where material is sent, while a repository is a place where material resides. The term repository implies a more active and trusted role for the collectors of information.

The committee made some changes to the language of the survey, and will continue revising and refining the survey. An educational campaign will be necessary before distributing the survey, to make librarians aware of the issues involved with digital projects and the repository, so that the survey can be completed effectively. Niessen will investigate getting on the agenda of the November RUL faculty meeting for this purpose. The committee set December 15th as a deadline for the return of survey information.

2. Mission statement for the Rutgers Repository

Agnew described her view of the rationale for the Rutgers Repository, which comprised three main elements: 1) the curation of digital materials requires a trusted repository with the structure and controls necessary to maintain authentic, verified, and unmodified versions of electronic documents; 2) digital materials such as datasets and experimental results must be preserved for long-term access and interdisciplinary research, rather than being put away in individual researchers' "closets" when grants and projects expire; 3) the University needs a sustainable infrastructure for its research and a framework for accessing its intellectual creations.

The National Science Foundation is considering adding sustainability criteria to its grants. The Rutgers Repository would be a natural place to offer services that would guarantee sustained access to these intellectual products. The Repository will be designed to support active features such as an OAI portal, searching within discrete collections, and the creation of different views of Repository content.

The Committee will take this input, along with the Libraries' experiences with the MIC and LUNA databases, into account when formulating a mission statement (no more than a paragraph in length) for the Rutgers Repository. The results from the survey discussed above will inform the mission statement., and Committee members will be invited to a meeting of the CDC for a demonstration of the Repository's workflow management system.

3. Open Access and NIH statement

The Committee reviewed the Faculty Library Committee's letter to Elias Zerhouni, Director of the National Institutes of Health. The letter supports Open Access, the NIH's efforts, and encourages authors to also support this initiative, with significant caveats about the need to support scholarly monographs and the role of libraries. The Libraries will need to develop some talking points to educate Rutgers faculty about the benefits of Open Access and related initiatives in Spring 2005. The Committee will deliberate further on this issue and identify the most appropriate methods to reach out to active researchers.

4. Update on Electronic Journal of Boundary Elements

EJBE has obtained its ISSN, and is being moved to the new journal publishing platform.

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