Minutes of March 3, 2005 Meeting

H. Dess, D. Fishman, R. Jantz, J. Niessen, R. Sewell, R. Womack (Recorder)

1. Draft call for E-Journal Proposals

At the April 15th New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting, the RUL E-journals will be demonstrated and discussed. This venue will be a good opportunity to educate the faculty about the Libraries' role in the scholarly communication process. A Call for Proposals is being developed that will be released to the faculty at some point in the future, most likely in the Fall. The draft that was circulated will be revised to incorporate feedback from this meeting, and to relate more closely with the Libraries' forthcoming strategic plan.

The cost model for funding e-journals is under development. Some basic points emerged from the discussion. The marginal costs for production of additional e-journals are small. Funding is primarily needed for migration to future technology platforms. Holding funds in escrow is a novelty for the Libraries, but methods to accomplish this will be explored. Whenever the Libraries proceed with new e-journals, the appropriate subject liaisons should be brought into the process. The liaison can help with identifying appropriate indexing services and marketing opportunities. If there are many faculty interested in collaborating, the Libraries will practice a "controlled introduction" for selected partners to ensure that each rollout is properly managed.

The NBFC Library Committee will be apprised of these developments at their March 4 meeting.

2. Editors list and the journal selection process

The NBFC has recommended that RUL create a Standing Committee on Scholarly Communication, in part to review e-publication proposals with respect to maintaining a high standard of scholarly quality and advising on the development of appropriate cost models.The NBFC will create a Standing Committee on Scholarly Communication will be created to review publication proposals, maintain a high standard of scholarly quality, and advise on the development of appropriate cost models. The list of journal editors gathered from the Faculty Survey will serve as a starting point in developing a pool of potential members for this committee. It was agreed that the Standing Committee should have a broad representation from across the academic disciplines and libraries in order to function effectively. Further details of the composition of the committee and the review process it will follow will be discussed with the NBFC.

3. NIH Action Agenda

The NIH has recommended that the results of NIH-funded research should be deposited in PubMedCentral in order to ensure the public availability of information arising from publicly funded research. NIH requests that the final version accepted for publication be submitted, beginning in May 2005. NIH funding is important for Rutgers: the University received $63 million in NIH grants in the most recent year, more than from any other federal source, according to an article in the Targum for February 9. The Scholarly Communication Committee will publicize the NIH policy via a webpage and announcements to relevant campus bodies (NBFC, Library Faculty). A list of publisher's policies on deposit with PubMedCentral, along with information about other methods of promulgating research results, such as Google Scholar, would make the website more useful for faculty.

4. Website update and journal/database price list

The April 15th NBFC meeting will be a good opportunity to promote a revised scholarly communication information page. While it is difficult to describe the complex web of publisher packages, individual subscriptions, and other databases that the libraries subscribe to, it would be useful to have some revised material on the Committee's webpage. The Committee will survey the websites of other institutions before updating the Committee's webpage.

5. Repository Mission Statement

The draft mission statement was discussed, revised and endorsed by the Committee. The revised draft is listed below.

The Rutgers Digital Repository will permanently preserve and make freely accessible the intellectual output of the university and its partners, including publications, administrative records, and other works produced by faculty, staff, and students and their scholarly and organizational collaborators.

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