Minutes of the September 12, 2002 Meeting

At Heyer Room: Sara Harrington, Mary Beth Weber, Triveni Kuchi, and Kayo Denda

At Dana Library: Veronica Calderhead

The group decided to organize a panel presentation this fall on alternatives to traditional reference with RUL panelists. 3 panelists will be presenting different public /information service they have been involved in, and panelist #4 will speak on a number of future models of services:

  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Real Time Reference
  3. Librarians without borders
  4. Up and coming. What is next?

For #1, Kayo will be contacting Natalie (and cc. Jeanne) to ask for potential speaker

For #2, K. will contact Marty (cc. Jeanne)

For #3, K. will contact Triveni, Stephanie, and Laura M.

For #4, K. will contact Myoung and Jeanne.

Each panelist presents for 10-15 minutes, with Q/A at the end for 30 min. Brown bag format, with possibility of beverage and cookies. We decided to tentatively aim for November, and Triveni will check the room availability for the first weeks in November. --Done, Thanks, Triveni!

Veronica-- Thanks for your information too.

A more elaborate naming of the event is in much need! The group will bounce ideas on this subject. Kayo will explore the possibility of video taping the presentation in order to make it accessible to Camden and Newark campus faculty and staff. This was the format used last year for some of the presentations.

The group also discussed ways in which SAPAC could fulfill its mission as resource for scholarship and to record concrete committee contributions. Creating/reconfiguring the SAPAC page where information could be posted and accessible to librarians' scholarship was discussed . This could include posting SRA research topics/names, a suggestions form, etc.

The importance of SAPAC activities to be in tune with the different councils goals was mentioned. Sara will check the goals of Technical Services Council, Public Services Council and Collection Development Council with purpose of identifying common goals that could be integrated in SAPAC activities. It was mentioned that Digital libraries Initiatives may well be the common denominator of all missions, in which case, we felt SAPAC should address it by organizing an event/presentation in this context.

Another idea that we discussed was on techniques/ways to market librarianship on campus and off campus. Could this fall under "what's next?"

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