Minutes of the November 22, 2002 Meeting

The Program on FUTURE of REFERENCE with Anne Lipow, as a keynote speaker and a panel RUL librarians Natalie Borisovetz, Marty Kesselman, and team of Triveni Kuchi, Laura Mullen, and Stephanie Tama, presenting respectively the services Ask-a-Librarian, Real Time Reference, and Librarians Without Borders is decided. The program is co-sponsored by the Public Services Council, SAPAC, and Training and Learning Committee. The notice below was sent to RUL_EVERYONE.

What is the future of reference in the digital library environment?

This program will feature Anne G. Lipow, director of Library Solutions Institute & Press, a nationally renowned expert on the changing nature of library reference service, who will give a keynote presentation. The keynote will be followed by presentations by a panel of Rutgers librarians involved in new reference services. The event is by invitation only to Rutgers librarians and staff.

Thursday December 12, 2002,
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Pane Room, Alexander Library
(Simultaneous video conferencing will be offered to the Robeson and Dana Libraries).

This event has been arranged by the Public Services Council, Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (SAPAC), and the Training and Learning Advisory Committee.

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