Minutes of the October 22, 2004 Meeting

Qian Hu, Ron Jantz (recorder), Nancy Kranich, Judit Ward, Tao Yang

These minutes summarize the first meeting of SAPAC for the 2009/2010 academic year. Our objective in this meeting was to identify goals and elect a chairperson. The first part of the meeting was focused on discussing the overall charter, activities of previous committees, and possibilities for this coming year.

Our goal statement is as follows:

Consistent with the charter, SAPAC will facilitate learning and communication in areas related to research and publication interests of the RUL library faculty.

We expect that our goal-directed activities will also help inform faculty and staff in different units and locations about research related work and projects in areas that are not directly related to their work.

We acknowledged that there are many interesting topics that could be selected for presentation to the community. Topics will be selected from the following categories: library faculty research, "hot" topics, and relevant projects within the library. Our primary format will be brown bag lunches, however we may use special forums and even poster sessions, depending on the topic. Invitations to brown bag events will be extended to "RUL Everyone" and to faculty at SC&I. Depending on the topic, we will also extend invitations to appropriate academic departments.

The primary indicator in terms of meeting this goal will be the hosting of at least four brown bag sessions in AY 09/10. In addition to this primary indicator, we also agreed to investigate two other areas. First, we want to understand if it would be possible to provide an event calendar that focused primarily on research or relevant public events. It may be possible to use Bookroom to provide the data for this calendar. Secondly, we want to work with Planning and Coordinating Committee to determine how, or if, SAPAC should assist the University Librarian to publish a list of faculty publications. It was noted that these publications are probably collected in each AUL's annual report. The RU faculty survey is also another "place" where publications are collected.

Regarding the chair of SAPAC, Tao volunteered to be Chair and Ron volunteered to be Vice-chair.

Specific actions:

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/scholarly_pro_act_com/minutes/sapac_09_08_09.shtml
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