Minutes of June 25, 2003 meeting

Rose Barbalace(recorder), Asuncion DeChavez, Kristi Conover, Barry Lipinski, Erika Moore, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Michele Tokar
Susan Brower, Brian Stubbs

1. Announcements

The BSMFG welcomed three new members to the group in the June meeting; Erika Moore from the Art Library, Barry Lipinski from Kilmer Library and Kristi Conover from Administration. Kristi will be replacing Kelly as the BSMFG representative for this fiscal year.

Rose went over the basic goals and mission for the BSMFG to the three new members as well as a quick review on current projects.

The group spent some time discussing a revised policy about minor children using the library and what supervision is required. Earlier in the day Michele has sent out the policy memo from on the Access/Collection services list-serv. The revised policy can be seen at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.html under Children’s Use of Library Resources and Services. When a young child is left unattended in the library the RUPD should be called immediately and an incident report filled out. Library staff may request to see ID of other younger children or adolescents. Minors should be supervised by someone who is 18 years or older at all times.

Douglass has had repeated problems with younger adolescents using the library who claim to be with an adult but none is within site. These children usually just use the computers but some do become loud disrupting others studying or using the computers around them. In some cases the supervisor at Douglass will have to ask them to repeatedly to be quiet or to leave the building. Rose suggested that under the Public Services Policy the RUPD should be called to handle these types of cases. For example in cases where the children refuse to leave or become verbally abusive to staff the RUPD should come and escort the disruptive children out of the building and an incident report should be filled out. Staff should refrain from forcing the children out of the building or getting into verbal altercations.

Barry reported that speakers were stolen from a librarian desk while the offices were locked. It was noticed to be unusual to just take one set of speakers when there were 2 other sets in plain site. Nothing else seemed to be missing from the office. Within 24hrs of this incident the SCC had a laptop stolen from the Teleconference Lecture Hall in Alexander Library.

2. Maintenance Concerns

Ramon reported an overflowing toilet at Douglass Library. This toilet was noticed near closing time and the RUPD finally responded 45 minutes later. Ramon said that apparently the RUPD came and went into the main entrance to the building where there was construction and left not realizing that Ramon was on the lower level. The group discussed when it would be necessary to wait and for how long should you wait for RUPD or facilities for an emergency or maintenance call after closing the library. Rose said she would discuss this at the next Coordinators Meeting and discuss the conclusions or decision on this topic at the next meeting.

Michele informed the group that her lights are turned on and off by a timer. In some cases the timer is not adjusted for when the open hours of the library change and in some instances the lights shut off completely several hours before the building closes. When the lights are turned off there is no “auxiliary” lighting or safety lights left on therefore there is not sufficient lighting to make your way around the building when the lights are turned off. Rose will look into getting this rewired and looked at as soon as possible. ***Update** Since the last meeting an electrician has come to look at the wiring on the first floor and other levels. Apparently it was so dark in the lobby the RUPD could not view the videotape from the security camera.

Douglass library is in need of a megaphone to aid in closing the library and to make announcements in case of emergencies. Currently the PA system is not operating during D21 construction.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, July 15 2003 - Special Collections Room - LSM

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