Minutes of July 15, 2003 meeting

Asuncion DeChavez, Barry Lipinski, Erika Moore, Fred Onorato, Kristi Conover, Michele Tokar, Ramon Negron, Rose Barbalace, Susan Brower, Zohreh Bonianian


1. Staff remaining in building after hours

Rose reviewed with the group the policy on staying after hours when the building is closed. Generally staying a few minutes after the library closing to continue with closing procedures is permitted. Only Farideh and/or Matthew can authorize anyone to stay in a building after closing. If the RUPD or emergency services needs to be contacted and they have not arrived before closing express to them that staff or student cannot stay and contact Farideh or Matthew immediately. Write and incident report.

2. Annual Report Complete

Annual report was completed and handed out for group to review upcoming goals. One of the goals was an ergonomics workshop. Susan Brower shared with the group that an informative ergonomics workshop was completed within her office within the last 6 months and will share contact information with Rose.

3. Security camera changes suggested

The group suggested security cameras show both the exit to the library as well as the entrance to the library. In most cases we have descriptions and times of exits for individuals we would like the police to review the security tape.

4. Air quality concerns

Rose asked Kristi to contact facilities and Sandy Troy about RHSís and facilities respective responsibilities in cleaning and maintaining air quality from vents and air ducts. Michele Tokar shared she spoke with Paul Summers from Busch facilities about LSMís air ducts.

5. Megaphone alternative to PA systems

The group discussed the uses of a megaphone for units that do not have a PA system. In general a megaphone can be extremely useful for making emergency announcements but should not be used at these units on a daily basis in lieu of a PA system to make general announcements. Rose will look into purchasing Megaphones for Math and Art Library.

6. Dealing with gate alarms for material that is claimed already checked out

The group shared concerned over the need to create a standard policy on desensitizing patronís material that set off the security gate after they claim it is already checked out. In most cases the patron record and/or item record should be checked first to be sure in is properly checked out before desensitizing and allowing the patron to leave. Rose asked Michele to collaborate with her Circulation Functional Group and BSMFG in writing a standard policy.

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