Minutes of August 19, 2003 meeting

Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Asuncion DeChavez, Barry Lipinski, Brian Stubbs, Erika Moore, Fred Onorato, Kristi Conover, Michele Tokar, Ramon Negron, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Susan Brower, Zohreh Bonianian


New member

The group welcomed Ana Ramirez-Luhrs to the Building Security and Maintenance Functional Group; she will be representing the Annex and branch libraries.

Review emergency closing procedures

Rose reviewed RUL’s emergency closing procedures with the group. Only the Director or Associate Director of NBL or RU Emergency Services can decide to close the building. If it is necessary to make an emergency closing during weekend or evening hours please alert appropriate parties of the closing.

Rose would like the group to collaborate on a writing an outline/checklist on procedures for emergency closings. This will be especially important for student staff working in branches during weekend and evening hours.

Erika M. would like a review on emergency procedures for before returning to Art Library in September. Rose suggested she contact Roger Smith to set a time with Kristen Ko to review emergency procedures before the fall semester begins.

Current projects and goals for the fall

Rose will bring in the most recent copy of procedures for “bag checking” to see where the group left off on this project. Ideally this project should be completed by December. Ramon and Rose will continue to work on the project outside of the group meetings.

Currently hand held radios are being used at Alexander by Collection Management and closing staff. Brian S. reports that their use has been a very positive one during closing. The use of the hand held radios aids the supervisor at Alexander in knowing what floors have been secured and when the student staff have finished closing. If this pilot projects goes well other hand held radios can be purchased for other libraries such as LSM and Art.

Exit gate procedures with Circulation FG

Dave Warner and Michele Tokar from the Circulation Functional Group wrote procedures on what should do when a circulating book sets off the exit alarm. The procedures explain how and when one should look to see that the item is properly checked out before it is desensitized. This assures that no one will be trying to steal a book by claiming they checked it out earlier. Also included is Access Services Policy memo #4 on procedures for theft and damage to library material by a library user.

The group would like to have Judy Gardner look at point 5 of Access Services Policy Memo #4 that states, “Call the University Police only if there is resistance or if a non-student is involved”. In the past when an obvious theft and damage (removing barcode and call number) of library books has occurred the RUPD is called. Incidents at Alex and Douglass have occurred in the past year involving Rutgers students. The group would like to know if there is any particular reason why the policy says to contact RUPD if the theft occurs by non-student. It seems to imply that it would not be necessary to call for a Rutgers student.

Information Sharing

- Nothing new reported
- Needs new ceiling tiles due to water damage during recent rains.
- Ana R. reports that Annex also has some air conditioning problems in the stacks and the office area. Currently the air temperature is being checked twice a day. The temperature in the stacks is generally too cold and the temperature in the office is too warm.
- Nothing new reported
- Nothing new reported
- Barry L. reports that Kilmer Library will be closed for an extended period of time due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system. While the building has been closed Kilmer staff have been working at other NB libraries.
- Needs new ceiling tiles due to water damage from leaks.
- Fred O. reported that a fire alarm went off at Math Library. Emergency services and the fire department quickly responded. The building was evacuated and everyone was let back into the building shortly after emergency services responded.
- Needs new ceiling tiles due to water damage from leaks.

Next Meeting - September 16th, 2003 2:30PM
Place to be announced

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