Minutes of December 16, 2003 meeting

Rose Barbalace(recroder), Zohreh Bonianian, Susan Brower, Kristi Conover, Barry Lipinski,Asuncion De Chavez, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Michele Tokar
Ericka Moore, Brian Stubbs


Recent Incident Reports

A student had fallen down while exiting Kilmer library. After leaving for class, the student returned claiming back pain and stiffness. Injury form was filled out by Kilmer Administration and University Services arrived to take student for further examination.

There are 2 types of injury forms available, one for students and public and one for staff and faculty. More information will be gathered from Sandy Troy, Risk Management representative at the Rutgers Libraries as to whom is responsible to forward the Injury forms to Risk Management.

Security Inventory

Rose checked prices for First Aid Kit and flashlights. Group will email her whether anyone in the their unit will donate a battery operated radio. Some staff may have radio on their desk and if it is battery operated, battery can be purchased instead of radio. Rose will order supplies within the month.

Update on Current Projects

Ramon and Rose will continue to work on the Bag Search and Exit gate alarm tutorial and Rose will work with Zohreh on ordering necessary supplies from the results of the Security Inventory.

Information Sharing

- Nothing new reported
- Alexander Library will have floor tiles replaced by the entrance/exit alarm gates during the last week of December.
- Annex had leaks in the shipping room and stacks. Fortunately there were no damages to the collection. When Humidity levels went too high, facilities were contacted and they are working on it.
- Nothing new reported
- Nothing new reported
- Kilmer library is continuing to have temperature problems where certain areas are too hot and some areas are too cold. Front door are still not functioning properly, staff are making due.
- Ceiling tiles at LSM will be replaced soon. Asuncion also reported that they ordered and received a First Aid Kit and flashlight from Admin offices at LSM.
- SERC will have ceiling tiles fixed in January.
- Nothing new reported
- In the November FG meeting minutes it was reported that Ceiling tiles at the Physics Library were repaired; Kiristi mentioned that there is still more work to be done.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, January 20th 2004 3:00PM
Alexander Library, Hughes Room

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