Minutes of January 20, 2004 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianian(recorder), Susan Brower, Kristi Conover, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Michele Tokar
Asuncion De Chavez, Ericka Moore, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Brian Stubbs

New Group Coordinator

Meeting opened by thanking Rose, who has stepped down as BSMFG coordinator. Rose will continue to attend the monthly meetings until she has completed working on two projects with Ramon.

Zohreh expressed her willingness to visit each unit to familiarize herself with the premises. Zohreh will contact each member of BSMFG to set a date to visit each unit.

New Incident Report Forms

An updated version of the incident report document is now available on the Alex T:drive. Copy this document to use on your computers, do not save to or overwrite the original document template. Copies of an incident report can be sent to Zohreh via email, she will then forward them to Matthew, Farideh and Human Resources in the Central Admin office. A signed copy should still be sent to Francoiseís office and also distributed to supervisors and administrators at your local unit.

It was mentioned that Incident report document has been updated to the ALEX T:Drive and Matthew Sheehy will also send out email with the new Incident Report document as an attachment to the Access/Coll Services list serv, so it can be easily saved in either the C drive or each LIBís T drive.

Update on Current Projects

Ramon and Rose worked on the bag checking and student emergency contacts projects last week. Rose will bring drafts into the next meeting for the group to review.

The group suggested that locations within the units that are isolated be identified, and if possible purchase corner mirror.

During a pilot program at Alexander to test the use of two ways radio the group has discussed the uses of the radio and all agree that is has been very useful during closing. LSM, Douglass, and Art library are interested in having a set at their units. Zohreh will follow up on a possible future purchase.

Rose is following up on purchasing the batteries for radios, flashlights and First Aid emergency kit.

The group again discussed the need to have signs alerting patron to possible thefts of personal belongings left unattended.

Information Sharing










Next Meeting - Tuesday, Feburary 17th, 2004 3:00pm
Library of Science and Medicine, Special Collections Room

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