Minutes of February 17, 2004 meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Susan Brower, Kristi Conover, Asuncion De Chavez, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs(recorder), Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar
Rose Barbalace



Roselyn Riley was welcomed and introduced to the group. She will be the BMSFG representative for the Art Library.

Staff should start creating lists of maintenance and security related items that are needed at individual branches (i.e. walkie-talkies). Requests should include a detailed list of items and reasons why items are needed. All lists should be sent to Zohreh for review.

A safety and Human Services workshop will be held next month for supervisors. Staff may pass on any questions they want addressed at the workshop to Zohreh.

Unit Maintenance Concerns

Emergency Exit Doors

A representative from each branch will be assigned the task of checking all emergency doors in their library on a monthly basis. An emergency door check log was distributed to the group. It was suggested that the doors be checked when there is the least amount of patrons in the building during the last week of each month.

Recent Incident Reports

When filling out incident reports, please make sure to specify the library and the location within the library in which the incident occurred.

Signed incident reports should be faxed to RUL Human Resources and Francoise Punielloís office. In addition, incident reports should be e-mailed to Farideh, Matthew, Zohreh, and the immediate supervisor.

Information Sharing










Next Meeting - Tuesday, March 16, 2004 3:00PM
Library of Science and Medicine, Special Collections Room

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