Minutes of meeting

Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianian, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Melissa John, Jill Morrow, Melanie Robinson, Brian Stubbs(recorder)
Susan Brower, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Roselyn Riley
Michele Tokar


1. Announcements:

Welcome was extended to two guests. Melanie Robinson, the new branch manager at the Math Library, and Melissa John new Access Services/Scils intern.

It was emphasized that all units should check the emergency exit doors on a monthly basis and follow up on the doors that are malfunctioning or stuck.

2. Unit Maintenance Concerns:

Math- Library has an emergency door that is stuck shut.

Kilmer- The Handicapped door downstairs is currently still broken and being followed up on.

ALEX- The fire door on the 2nd floor, leading from the EAL to the stairwell, is constantly stuck in the closed position, and may need to be fixed.

ALEX- The fire shutters in the lobby, one just above the top of the lobby stairs, the other immediately to the left of it, malfunctioned. Neither of them activated when the other fire shutters in the new wing came down on Saturday morning.

3. Safety/Security Training:

Security trainings are about to be held at ALEX and LSM, with the campus community police officer, to increase safety awareness and reinforce good safety habits for staff and patrons.

4. Recent Incident Reports:

CHEM- A report was filled out in regards to the male patron, who was acting inappropriately towards 2 female staff.

ALEX- A patron was found to be smoking up in the stacks bathroom, on two separate occasions, both times on a Sunday shortly after noon. Weekend staff are asked to keep an eye out for him and contact RUPD if it happened again.

ALEX- Cash was taken from copy card vending machine in the undergraduate reading room.

MATH- There was a fire alarm last week.

5. Current Project:

Rose and Ramon are finalizing the Exit Gate project. They will demonstrate the project in our next meeting.

6. New Project:

Pending the discussions in several other group meetings over the next several weeks, the Building Security and Maintenance group will begin to collect copies of older meeting minutes and transfer them over to web format, to make the groupís web presence as complete as possible. The older minutes are collected in a number of other places, on network drives and in office membersí physical filing cabinets. More information will be given out about this project at next monthís meeting.

7. Information Sharing

All the information sharing at this meeting was already covered under the other agenda items.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 3:00 pm in the Special Collections Room at LSM

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