Minutes of September 21, 2004 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianian, Susan Brower, Asuncion DeChavez, Jill Morrow, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar
Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski



Welcome Penny Weniger who is visiting the group for this month’s meeting.

Purchases orders have been sent for a set of walkie-talkies for Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM, also two vision mirrors for Math library. These mirrors will be installed in the back of Math library to provide a clear vision of the area.


All units should check their emergency exits to ensure they are working properly, and report problems immediately.

LSM - was not able to test emergency exit doors because they did not have keys. It was discovered there was a problem with the key cylinders. Facilities replaced all of the locks and alarm batteries. The emergency exit doors will be checked soon to insure all are working properly.

Douglass – had an emergency door inspection by the fire department. All were reported to be working normally. Ramon will follow up with details about the door inspection and will find out if the fire department will be doing periodic checks in the future.

Math –Math had a small fire, however, patrons could not exit the building using the 1st floor emergency exit because the door was stuck. Problem was reported to facilities and someone from facilities came and was able to open the door, but he said the door and frame are rusted and need to be replaced. Kristi Conover from Admin is looking into having them repaired.


A patron was concerned if electronic security systems have any effect on his pacemaker. He was also concerned that there was no sign about the use of an electronic security system (the alarmed gate) at one of the units. 3M Systems was contacted and they stated that the libraries’ security systems have no effect on medical devices. 3M systems supplied a letter about the gates and their safety for people with medical conditions. This document will be available on the documentation of BSMFG of NBL website.

Ramon suggested we pose this issue to the Health and Safety Committee – to perhaps have approval to edit the signs to state the medical code compliance of the security systems at the libraries.

All units should check if they have signs posted on or near their security gates alerting patrons that electronic devices are in use. If you need this sign, please let Zohreh know.


ALEX: Community police conducted training on emergency procedures to library staff. Approximately 40 people attended.

DOUGLASS: had a meeting with their community police office and then had a building-wide security meeting to inform all library staff.

LSM: had training with their community police.

KILMER: training has been rescheduled until October.


The Exit Gate Procedures project is completed and will be “live” on the NBL website in a few days. If there are any comments, additions etc on the text, please let Rose or Ramon know.


The meeting minutes section of the group’s NBL site will be updated to include older meeting minutes from years past. Brian reported that an error within the Netscape Composer program has caused delays in posting minutes online. However, they should be up within a week.

7. Information Sharing

- A laptop was stolen from its case in an office in Pipe Alley. It was discovered missing last Thursday, but the actual date of its theft cannot be pinpointed since the laptop had not been used in several months.
- A wall sign that explained the bag check policy was stolen from the lobby area of ALEX. The police was asked to check the tape for the perpetrators but the tape may not have filmed that section of the front entrance.
- A water leak in the E-folio section on Tuesday 9/21, did not cause any damage to the books. It is being repaired.
- A glass window on an emergency exit door was broken. The police think that a lawnmower threw the rock at the window.
- A ceiling light burned and fell to the floor of the library leaving a large discolored mark on the floor. No patrons were in the area at the time of the incident. The sprinklers did not come on and no books were damaged. Student staff handled the situation by evacuating the building and calling the fire department. The cause is still under investigation and the area has not yet been repaired the lights are still working.
- Tuesday morning a student left a laptop unattended and it was stolen. The police were contacted. Jill expressed interest in developing ways to educate patrons about the dangers of leaving personal items unattended in the libraries.
- The old air conditioning unit is being removed from the parking lot, which will create more parking spaces.
- The glass on the basement doors leading to the UMDNJ tunnel was finally fixed at LSM.

Next Meeting - Tuesday October 19th at 3pm Location: Special Collections LSM

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