Minutes of January 25, 2005 meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Susan Brower, Asuncion DeChavez, Jasmine Faherty, Jill Morrow, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley (recorder), Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger
Rose Barbalace



1. This is Zohreh's last meeting. Penny Weniger is the group's new coordinator.

2. Penny found the workshop - Staff Disability Accommodations - on the University Human Resources Professional Development training program site. This workshop, although geared toward managing staff with disabilities, may provide some useful information for library staff when assisting patrons with disabilities. The workshop will be held on March 8th at 3pm. Penny encouraged group members to attend. Interested parties can enroll on the UHR website. Let Penny know if you will be attending.

3. The Student Assistant Functional Group is creating a security reminders "cheat sheet" for student workers. Penny will share the document with the group, when the formal draft has been completed.

Unit Maintenance Concerns

Some units have been plagued by slow response times from the Facilities department when maintenance problems occur such as temperature fluctuations, leaks, etc. (i.e. the recent leak at Annex). A future group goal is to improve communications and working relationship between the libraries and Facilities. Preliminary ideas included letter writing, learning the names of the Facilities supervisors; becoming informed of Facilities projects that affect RUL. Penny asked the group to consider additional ideas that will aid in this project. This topic will be discussed at future meetings.

Current Projects

  1. Converting old group minutes to HTML to be put on NBL website. Brian is currently working on this task.
  2. Putting library policies and procedures (such as library hours, food policies, security warnings) on screensavers on public terminals in the libraries. Penny and Ramon will resubmit the proposal to Judy Gardner and Roger as well as coordinate with the PC Working Group/PC Coordinators.
  3. The creation of detailed floor plans of each unit showing locations of fire alarms, outlets, emergency exits, public phones, etc. Penny will discuss with Sandra Troy and the Health & Safety Committee. A volunteer from each unit will work on creating a floor plan of their buildings.
  4. Walkie-talkies to aid units in closing - Kristi Conover submitted the order for walkie-talkies. They were supposed to be arriving before the spring semester. Penny will follow-up.

Revision of Incident Reports

  1. Changes in leadership; the reporting chain has changed and new people have been added to the report's distribution list. Fax numbers have been eliminated and e-mail addresses have been added for people who receive the reports via e-mail. This revision should benefit staff when submitting the reports, as they will no longer need to refer to instructions on this step of the process.
  2. Don't forget to sign the faxed copies of the report.
  3. Don't forget to state your libraries' name within the report.
  4. A copy will be forwarded to Marc Forster to be added to the NBL website.
  5. Penny will email a copy of the revised form to NBL Access/Collection Services list_serv.

Mid-Year Report

Zohreh has written a draft of the group's mid-year report. Please send any comments or edits to Penny as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday, January 27, 2005 so she can complete the report and submit on Friday, January 28.

Information Sharing

Douglass: will have a security officer both inside as well as outside of the building at closing. Penny will be writing a letter from the group to the department thanking them for their continued support and requesting that all the libraries have security officers present at closing.

Alex: Security has been coming by more frequently at night. They are willing to come by nightly near closing but will need a letter from the department requesting this assistance. Penny will include this request when sending the letter discussed under Douglass' information sharing section.

Kilmer: Senor mats on the automatic doors still not functioning properly. This is an ongoing project with engineers to get the doors replaced. The proposal is being currently being priced.

Math: The emergency door and lights have been repaired. The building is cold.

Annex: A leak from a skylight. Response time was poor, however, Facilities have now called in a roofer.

LSM: On 1/24 the building had problems with the heat. It was discovered that some vents were closed. All is well now.

LSM/Collection Services: A small leak on the 3rd floor near Periodicals on 1/25. It is being repaired.

ART: Busy with new semester reserves.

Penny closed the meeting thanking Zohreh for her wonderful leadership of the group as well as all the assistance Zohreh has provided her. The group joined in thanks and wishes of good luck to Zohreh in her new challenges.

Next meeting date and location TBA

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