Minutes of February 15, 2005 meeting

Rose Barbalace(recorder), Susan Brower, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger
Roselyn Riley



1. Flyers announcing the "RU Safe? RU Secure?" televised information session scheduled for Wednesday 2/16 from 7-8pm on RU-TV channel 8 were distributed. Representatives from RUPD, Emergency Services and Sexual Assault Services and Crime Victim Assistance will be represented at the information session. Please post a copy as appropriate at your unit so as to reach the largest possible audience.

2. An email from Captain Laura Kull asking for volunteers to attend TOPOFF 3, an international readiness exercise coordinated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the New Jersey Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force that will take place in April. 2,000 Rutgers volunteers are needed. Jill informed that group that the whole Admin team has signed up to volunteer. Jill will keep the group posted on this event. More information on the event can be found at: http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/2002/12129.htm. Any additional group members interested in volunteering can do so at: http://publicsafety.rutgers.edu.

3. The Disability workshop mentioned at last months' meeting has been canceled due to low attendance. In it's place, a workshop concerning the NJ Law Against Discrimination as it pertains to disabilities has been scheduled. Penny will attend and report back to the group.

Unit Maintenance Concerns

1. There have been numerous thefts of textbooks and other belongings over the past 2 months, specifically at Kilmer and Alexander. The related incident reports were shared with the group along with a draft of a letter to Captain Laura Kull informing RUPD of the libraries concerns on public safety and security. As a possible detriment, the group is requesting more security patrols of the libraries. The group's recommendations will be incorporated and the letter will be sent to Captain Kull.

2. The group discussed ideas on how to inform the public about protecting their personal belongings. Barry shared a posting he has placed on study carrels on the 2nd floor at Kilmer alerting patrons to the possible theft of unattended items. Brian and Fred will work on creating "table top tents" with information on potential theft of personal belongings on one side and "no food and drink" alerts on the other side.

Current Projects

1. Penny is working with Systems and Anne Butman to recover a floor plans database previously used by the libraries and created by Scott Hines. These floor plans were used in the emergency procedures manual. The group would like to use this software to create updated and standardized floor plans indicating emergency exits, call boxes, stairwells, etc. for each unit. A new project being discussed is collaboration with the Collection Management Functional Group in creating the standardized floor plans displaying location information pertinent to each functional group.

2. If the previous software is not available for use the group suggested contacting RUCS, which currently uses a very comprehensive floor plan of the libraries for RU Wireless.

Functional Group Review and Discussion Topics

1. The group discussed changing the current name of the functional group "Building Security and Maintenance Functional Group" to a more abbreviated but appropriate title. While the group focuses most of its efforts on safety and security issues, it continues to handle a good number of building issues and concerns. The group decided on renaming the group "Security and Facilities Functional Group". The name change request will be forward to Judy and Roger for approval.
UPDATE: The name change has been approved. Marc Forester will be contacted to revise the NBL web page accordingly.

2. The group also looked at its current purpose statement. Other functional group's purpose statements were reviewed as examples. As homework, please review these purpose statements and bring suggestions for possible revisions of our purpose statement to the March meeting.

Information Sharing

Math: Emergency Exit doors at have been labeled with signs indicating "emergency exit only"

Kilmer: Still working on replacing its front entrance doors. Most likely these doors will not be replaced this fiscal year. There is loose masonry at the front walkway of Kilmer, which has gotten progressively worse with the snow removal.

LSM: More chairs have been sent be reupholstered

Alex: Still awaiting repair of the key core door alarm on one of the first floor stairwell doors.

Annex: Roofers came to look at leaking skylight.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 15th, 3pm
Douglass Conference Room

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