Minutes of March 15, 2005 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Susan Brower, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Jill Morrow, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger
Brian Stubbs



  1. Douglass had 2 staff accidents recently. Chiaki fell down the stairs in the upper periodicals and sprained her ankle and Kayo Denda had a glass cabinet fall around her while preparing for an art exhibition at the library.
    1. Accidents Reports - This is an online form that has to be submitted to Risk Management whenever an RU employee is injured on the job. The Health and Safety Committee will be evaluating RUL's accident procedures at their next meeting. Penny and Jill, who are both members of that group, will report any developments at the next SFFG meeting.
  2. A sub-group has been created to work on the floor plan project - in conjunction with the Collection Management Functional Group. Members will be: Andy M., Melanie R., Rose B., Michele T., Jazmine F., Eddie S, Roselyn R. and Penny W.
    1. University Space Management allows access to their database of university floor plans to university employees who apply. Penny has applied and is awaiting approval to view the information contained in the databases in hopes of garnering information that may aid the sub-group.

Unit Maintenance Concerns

Some general facilities points were shared with the group.

LSM - Gary, the head of facilities for LSM is leaving next week. The LSM staff will miss him because of his diligence and responsiveness to facilities matters.

Current Projects

Table Tents - Fred shared the prototype he created. There is one blank side on the tents that Melanie R. suggested could be used to include a statement on cell phone usage in the libraries. The group approved that addition. Fred will add this onto the prototype and present at next month's meeting. The tent will be sent to Roger and Judy for approval. When approval is received, the tent will be posted on the NBL page and/or various T drives for staff to copy and ask student assistants to fold and place where appropriate.

Purpose Statement - The group reviewed the revised statement. The group, with a minor change of wording, approved the following:

The Security and Facilities Functional Group will meet monthly to examine, discuss, recommend, and implement policies and procedures related to safety, security, and facility maintenance issues. The group will work towards implementation of best practices to

Discussion and Review

Guidelines for incident reports:

  1. A student involved in an incident asked to have a copy of the incident report to show a professor. So the issue was brought forth to the group: Should we share our incident reports with people outside of RUL? The group thinks - NO, but agrees that University Counsel would need to be consulted to find out the university's official policy. This is a matter that will continue to be explored.
  2. Should student staff be allowed to fill out incident reports? The group decided that student staff could fill out the form during an incident, and then give it to a staff member for review and approval. The staff member would be responsible for submitting the report.
  3. When is it appropriate or not appropriate to include the names of people involved in an incident on the report? The group determined that when filling out incident reports, staff have to be conscious of what they are writing - especially not using language that places blame on any of the people involved. If a name is not a requirement in explaining the incident or is not pertinent to the report, it may not be necessary to include. Since police reports have all the names in them, the group thought that lines could be added to the incident report form in order to fill in police report number and name of officer who handled the situation. This way if more specific information was needed, such as names, then library staff could contact university police. Penny will revise a draft of the form and submit to Roger and Judy for their input and/or approval.
  4. The incident report guidelines would be further revised to include the role of student staff in filling out incident report forms.

Information Sharing

Douglass: The collection in the East room is being shifted.



Math: The library's carpets were cleaned.

Annex: The HVAC system is being worked on to try to prevent leaks. No leaks yet, but many temperature fluctuations.


ART: New sprinklers were installed.

Final discussions arose regarding:

The next meeting: Tuesday, April 19, 2005, LSM Special Collections Room, 3:00-4:30PM.

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