Minutes of July 20, 2005 meeting

Susan Brower (recorder), Asuncion DeChavez, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron (opening recorder), Fred Onorato, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger (Chair), Kelly Worth
Jazmine Faherty, Roselyn Riley
Meghan Lord, SERC



Group Discussion Topic

Information Sharing

Unit security & Maintenance Updates


  1. Holly Muller hired as Evening Supervisor II
  2. Committee has been formed to look into a location for a quiet study area.
  3. Art with a science theme is being selected for display in the library.


  1. Staff is helping to minimize damage from installation of the new HVAC system.
  2. Plastic covering has been put over parts of the collection on the 3rd floor.


  1. There are problems with the digital surveillance camera. RUPD cannot view the area without installing software which uses too much space on the server. One suggestion is to have a separate server with it's own IP address. Andrew Ruggerio, Douglass' PC coordinator will bring the matter up at the next PC Working Group meeting.
  2. A broken window was repaired.


  1. Staff logged the humidity and temperature from 7/8-7/15. The humidity level is too high. Facilities lowered the temperatures to 70 degrees hoping to bring the humidity level to within an acceptable range.


  1. There is moisture leaking at the base of some interior walls. This tends to happen in the summer. Facilities brought bowls to catch the moisture.

Incident Reports


  1. Problems have been reported with the installation of the new HVAC system.
  2. Person reported behaving inappropriately in the Reference room. After RUPD were summoned he left on his own accord.
  3. Fire alarm in the pipe alley had to be reset after going off in error.


  1. Rowdy underage children reported in the building


  1. A potentially serious water problem by the back door was reported to Facilities. It was three days before Facilities arrived and took care of the problem. A discussion ensued as to the need for Facilities to have better communication with the libraries. This is a future project and goal for the new Fiscal Year. Kelly and Penny will meet to begin reviewing first steps to work on the problem.


  1. Hit by lightening - no damage reported


  1. Skylight leak was reported

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 16, 200, 3:00 - 4:30pm, Douglass Conference Room

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