Minutes of August 16, 2005 meeting

Jasmine Faherty, Asuncion DeChavez, Fred Onorato, Ramon Negron (recorder), Brian Stubbs, Penny Weniger, Kelly Worth
Susan Brower, Barry Lipinski, Roselyn Riley, and Michele Tokar
Holly Muller


Penny welcomed Holly Muller to the meeting.


Review of incident reports

Newark and Camden representation

In preparing for the integration of Newark and Camden representation, all the NB functional groups have been asked to review and modify their purpose statements, as well as functional group naming conventions, to include a system wide focus. Penny will work up a draft of a revised purpose statement but encouraged all group members to send her suggestions prior to the September meeting. Also please consider possible names. We will need to complete this assignment prior to the October Access Services Committee meeting, so please come prepared to continue discussion and to come to resolution at the September meeting.

RUL Questionnaire

As discussed at our last meeting, the intention of the questionnaire is to evaluate, identify and eliminate redundancies, duplications, and other issues. There is a strong possibility that because of the information gleamed from the questionnaire and the apparent duplications of many of our efforts with the Health & Safety Committee, there many be changes in the scope and charge of our group. Discussion ensued as to the areas of duplication with the Health & Safety Committee. One of the major areas is that both are involved with safety and security issues. While the group felt that some of the differences include:

Video Conference

There is videoconference equipment available at LSM, Kilmer and three at Alexander. Douglass' equipment is in house, but not yet up and running. Two volunteers from our group are needed to take care of the videoconference equipment during future meetings. This is necessary not only due to the addition of Camden and Newark representation, but also, because of the anticipated Rt. 18 construction that may make traveling from campus to campus difficult. Kelly volunteered and Brian will be back up. Equipment training was discussed and should take place before the next meeting. A future meeting may include a practice session for teleconferencing and involve members staying on their respective campus for the meeting. Penny will discuss this possibility with Roger and Judy

Emergency Calling List

Updated calling lists from different libraries were collected. Kelly has compiled a draft of emergency phone lists for all Rutgers Libraries in New Brunswick, including library administration. The draft encompasses all the NB contact information into one condensed booklet. Penny will pass the proposed booklet on and will seek approval. It was suggested to have a copy of this list accessible electronically, for ease in updating, but the group has questions about security and confidentiality. For updates, labels could be made up as changes occur and forwarded on to individuals to place over the out dated information in the booklet. A revised booklet will be prepared at the beginning of each new semester (fall/spring). Updates and revisions will be the responsibility of the SFFG.

Round Robin

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 9/20/05, 3:00 - 4:30pm, Kilmer Library Instructional Classroom

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