Minutes of November 15, 2005 meeting

Susan Brower(recorder), Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Theresa Maclin, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger, Kelly Worth
Roselyn Riley



Incident Reports Review

Report of the Computer Security Workshop - M.Tokak and Brian Stubbs

Current Project Update

Discussion Topics

Information Sharing

Math: A part time employee noticed that the one of ceiling lights were making a loud noise and turned it off. After inspection by Facilities, it was noticed that the ballast was about to burn out (possibly causing another fire and light falling) so all of the ballast's were replaced for the lights in that area.

Kilmer: The elevator has been repaired. The building has been very warm

LSM: The building is fully staffed with the addition of Kevin Conover, Library Assistant II evening position.

Next meeting is Tuesday December 20, 2005. Time and place TBA

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