Minutes of April 18, 2006 meeting

Susan Brower, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Theresa Macklin, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger
Asuncion DeChavez, Kelly Worth



Now that we are a sub-group of the Access Services committee, future group-meeting minutes will be sent to RUL_everyone with Sam McDonald posting to the main Staff Resources page. Presently Sam has linked all the groups to this site.

Regarding the Disabilities binder. We are going to table that project as the Disabilities Committee has already prepared a folder with the information we had planned on working on. As this is a duplication of effort by our group, we will table the project until further notice.

A meeting with Sandy Troy, chair of the Health & Safety Committee has been scheduled. The purpose of the meeting is to review with her some of the work we are doing and to keep her in the loop and seek her input. Penny will report back to the group on the meeting.

Review of the covered drink proposal

The proposal was submitted to the Access Services Committee for comment and review. The committee supports the initiative. Their comments were incorporated in the proposal document and will be submitted to Judy for the review of the Public Services Council.

3M Gate inventory

Jeff Teichmann shared information about the last exit gate inventory that was conducted at the libraries in 2001-2002.

The group discussed the prevalence of the new RFID technology for book detection and the possibility that the current devices that RUL could eventually be phased out by 3M. Jeff informed the group that 3M still support its older models with service contracts. Due to the inflated costs of these contacts, RUL does not have contracts, but rather calls for service on a case-by-case basis when equipment malfunctions, which, thankfully is seldom.

Dana's information (model #'s, etc.) will be forwarded to Penny.

The group was asked for group approval of forming a sub group to work on the 3M-gate situation and to update the 3-M equipment inventory. Andy Martinez, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Barry Lipinski, and Penny Weniger will be a part of that group.

Student Code of Conduct Brochure

Ramon shared his research on methods to enforce the student code of conduct in the libraries. He proposed that we create a brochure that cited the code of conduct for library users.

Dana shared with the group their experiences with disruptive patrons.

There was concern that the code of conduct only applied to students and not the general public, who are frequent sources of problems.

For reference and information, copies were made and distributed to the group from the libraries web-page under Public Services Policy Memo 1 and contained within Children's Use of the Libraries and Electronic Resources and User Conduct Security.

It was suggested to possibly speak with Instructional librarians and ask if they would be willing to mention appropriate library behavior during their Bibliographic Instruction classes.

The group agreed to remind patrons of the code of conduct when inappropriate behavior occurs and to call the police if that does not control the situation. We are encouraged to consistently contact RUPD when necessary, even if there is not much they can do other than escort the offenders out of the building. Doing so creates a paper record with RUPD for repeat offenders. The feeling is that it is a decision of RUPD, mostly for non-Rutgers folks. Also, for students, the Dean of the student's school can be contacted, for disciplinary actions.

Incident Reports Review





Information Sharing

Annex: All is well. Vacuuming seemingly cured the flying ant problem.

LSM: Hot and stuffy in the building. Finished and shipped their selections for Better World.

Douglass: A few lights are out, but the bulbs have not yet been replaced.

Kilmer: It is hot and stuffy in the building. A/C was turned on 4/14 and worked well for one day, but is now out of service.

Math: All lights are fixed and running properly.

The next meeting - TBA

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