Minutes of June 20, 2006 meeting

David Augusma, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Theresa Macklin, Ramon Negron, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger
Susan Brower, Fred Onorato, Kelly Worth, Brian Stubbs, and Michele Tokar



1. Introductions were made of new group member, David Augusma, representing Imaging Services. We look forward to working with David and will appreciate his input.

2. Judy and Jeanne Boyle have been meeting with University counsel and other departments to discuss the issue of banning patrons and the RUL Code of Conduct (Public Services Policy Memo #1 - Access to Library Resources and Services, User Conduct and Security). They may be making changes in an attempt to give staff more direction when dealing with disruptive users in terms of banning. However, they have been strongly advised not to pursue ID card checks or to limit study hall hours to Rutgers affiliated persons only.

3. The new food and drink policy has been reviewed and approved by the Public Service Council as well as University Librarian's cabinet. A draft of the new policy statement outlines some of the measures being reviewed to implement the changes. Judy presented the draft to The Access Services Committee for their review and requested group input. A few changes were suggested. As of July 1, marketing of the new policy will begin in the form of bookmarks or 3x5 cards, signage available from the website, a tri-fold brochure, and Web news will be updated for July 1 introduction. Harry Glazer is looking into the possibility of getting some library logo mugs donated for handouts. Penny thanked the group for all their work on the initiative

4. The floor maps sub-group is re-convening and will continue working in earnest on the completion of standardized hand outs highlighting the collection locations at each unit. Alexander, LSM, Kilmer handouts are just about completed. Now that the shift of Douglass collections is completed, I will be working on the handout for Douglass. The group plans on site tours to the branch libraries this summer so work can begin on handouts for each branch location. The Math library handout is just about completed. I will be in touch with branch managers to schedule the visits.


The group reviewed the goals of the past year that will be included in the annual report.


Penny opened the floor to suggestions for future goals. Some of the goals discussed include:

Ramon suggested that the group revisit the routine emergency door testing/maintenance procedures to ensure they are working properly. Penny asked the group to consider any other possible goals and to let her know any suggestions by 6/29/06.



  1. Sprinkler pipe burst creating a water emergency in Special Collections and Imaging Services
  2. A patron had their bag stolen while left unattended.
  3. The air handlers were accidentally left on and an intense odor of freshly mowed grass permeated the building. Two staff members broke out in hives presumably due to this. They were treated at Hurtado.
  4. A burning smell was noticed in the basement stairwell. RUPD and the fire department were called to the scene. It seems matches were being burned in that area.
  5. Human excrement was found in the stairwell near the Interlibrary Loan Services office.
  6. There was a blocked toilet in Government Docs.
  7. HVAC was not draining properly so there was an overflow in pipe alley.


  1. Alarm was activated in the Tapestry Room when someone went out of an emergency exit.
  2. Patron reported a cell phone they had left unattended missing. It was turned in shortly thereafter to lost and found.
  3. There was a 90-minute power outage on Saturday.

SERC - A laptop was stolen.

LSM - Had problems with an overflowing urinal.


Annex: Flying ants are back again. Perhaps they hatched over the weekend, since Dean arrived Monday morning to find a swarm of flying ants. He used bug spray to kill them.

LSM: The 3rd floor door to Collection Services is not working.

Douglass: Shifting of the collection is complete. A new book drop was added to the circulation desk. Douglass is creating a pertinent info bulletin board similar to the one at Alexander. The Lennox Collection from Special Collections has arrived at Douglass. An archivist will be setting up a satellite office at Douglass to catalog the collection.

Imaging Services: Dave further explained the flood in Imaging Services. A pipe burst and some ceiling tiles fell into the office area destroying a keyboard. It has been very humid in the office, causing sticky papers and copier jams.

Kilmer: Had no air conditioning for 3 weeks, but it was bearable due to the mild weather. There were a few days however when the building was over 90 degrees. The onside computer lab had to be closed and staff were given the option to work at other libraries. The building's AC is currently functioning normally. The automatic exit doors are still not working properly, and will probably need to be replaced, but maintenance did find an adequate quick fix for the interim. The new carpeting for the building has been put on hold due to the budget situation.

Art: Maintenance found a problem with one of the pipes above the circulation desk area that caused persistent soaked ceiling tiles. A basin was temporarily placed inside the ceiling to catch the drip and prevent damage to ceiling tiles until an outside contractor could be contacted.

Camden: Not too much to report as things have been pleasantly quiet and peaceful.

The group discussed the possibility that the August meeting be held at Dana Library so that we all can tour the library. Training or car-pooling are transportation options. The topic will be further discussed at the July meeting.

The next meeting - TBA

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