Minutes of September 18, 2007 meeting

David Augusma, Susan Brower, Adrian Butler, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger



The group’s last meeting was in July, a library specific, hands-on Sakai workshop led by Andrew Ruggerio. For those who could not attend that workshop, Andrew is willing to do another small session. Please let Penny know if you would like to take part.

Time to update the Emergency Call List booklet. All group members were asked to check with staff members at their units for any changes to their contact information. Contact Penny with any updates. Roselyn volunteered to work with Penny on the updated booklet.

The Floor maps for the four main units (Douglass, Alexander, LSM, and Kilmer) are almost completed. The maps are in the form of handouts that patrons can take to assist them in navigating the library. The final drafts will be presented to Judy Gardener and Roger for approved. The ultimate goal is to supply to these libraries for hand-outs.

INCIDENT REPORTS (July thru present)






Emergency Closing Flowchart

Planning and Coordinating a Student Security Workshop


Camden/Adrian – Furniture was removed and rearranged to create new seating areas in the library. The computer lab was moved inside the library, it previously was located just outside the entry. The patrons are enjoying the new setup. Some of the stacks were realigned to make room for the computer lab. The library is trying to find a solution for enforcing time limits on public computers.

Fred/Alex – Continuing work on the shift of 2A. Reserves are all caught up.

Barry/Kilmer – Kilmer has decided not to go the RU ID system for the computers, since they have never had a problem. However, they are now starting to see more kids coming in to the library to use the computers. It is causing some concern, so they will remain vigilant. The front doors have been without power for 2 days. The building temperature has been good. There has been tailgating in the Kilmer parking lot.

Dana – A small garter snake was found in front of the circulation desk. The entrance doors of the building are not functioning properly. On one occasion the building was open before the staff arrived because of the problems with the doors. The police were already on the scene.

Michele/LSM – Dave and Charlie are holding copier training because the access services staff will be helping out with the maintenance and service on nights and weekends. The SCILS intern, Caroline is working at LSM for 6 weeks. She is primarily working with Eddie and the future shift.

Susan/DTS - Nothing new to report

Asuncion/DTS - Nothing new to report

Glenn/ILS – Nothing new to report.

Dave/Imaging Services – A project has been started to offer DVD and CD replication services. They are still working out the copyright details.

Jazmine/ANNEX – Things have been quiet.

ART – Busy with reserves and patrons.

Ramon/DGLSS – It has been busy at nights. He has been doing more walkthroughs as a preventative presence. The Sharon Fordham media room is completed. He has been training a student staff member in reserves since May Chin is retiring.

Bill/ALEX – The window project in the old wing has been completed. Attended a training session on the new fire suppression system in special collections. The system uses an expensive chemical to put out fires without harming valuables. The two new group study rooms on the 3rd floor opposite the elevators in the old wing. The rooms are glass enclosed. It is almost ready for use.

Brian/ALEX – Most public computers are now requiring RU ID. Only 12 public computers are available. As a result closing has been quicker and few reports of inappropriate usage. The downside is that it takes 90 minutes of inactivity before the RU ID is logged out. So then someone can theoretically jump on a still logged on computer and use someone else’s account.

Penny/DGLSS - Almost all of the computers are RU ID protected. The 12 terminals in the Information Commons are available for public use. There is no staffing currently scheduled for the Fordham center. It is opening soon so security for that room is a concern.

Next meeting – October 16, 2007 TSB Conference Room

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