Minutes of October 16, 2007 meeting

David Augusma , Susan Brower, Adrian Butler, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger
Asuncion DeChavez, Ann Watkins



Revised Confidentiality Policy

The text of recent addition to "Access Services Policy Memo #3-Confidentiality of Patron Records" has been revised, specifying that a warrant is not needed for law enforcement to confiscate potential evidence, and that library staff should assist (unlock computers, for example):

An exception when a warrant is not needed is determined to be such instances when law enforcement personnel are required to confiscate equipment potentially involved in illegal activity in order to protect and preserve content. An example would be library computers or photocopiers removed to a police evidence locker pending a court order for their examination in support of an investigation. Library personnel should assist the police so that evidence is preserved and equipment not damaged and must immediately inform counsel and their campus director or associate university librarian.

Security Improvements List

A folder will be added to the RESOURCES tab on the Sakai site called: Security Improvements List. This folder will have links and documents, such as price quotes for security equipment, to help us have a ready reference of products and services that could be purchased in the future to improve security in RUL. The potential exits that the I am writing this as folder will be linked to the group’s website as well.

Bill will contact the security shop and facilities about the “dead end” door at Alex to what options there are to remedy the issue. In the past, there had been concerns about fire codes and fire safety. (UPDATE: Bill has since met with Facilities and the Security shop staff and will be receiving a quote on both the option of a door or for a gate.)

At the Supervisors Meeting, Roger Smith charged the group with the task of compiling this Security Improvements List and to brainstorm ideas on ways we can improve security in RUL. Some ideas that were discussed at the Supervisors Meeting were: increased staffing at opening and closing, a greater security guard presence, large security mirrors, block off access to a dead end door/stairway at Alex.

Cell Phone Drive

The Department of Sexual Assault Services and Crime Victim Assistance is holding a cell phone drive. Donations assist the department in providing services to survivors of interpersonal violence and programs for members of the university community. Send cell phone donations via campus mail to Laura Luciano, 3 Bartlett Street, College Avenue Campus. For additional information, email lluciano@rci.rutgers.edu. If you would like a letter for tax purposes, include your name and address with your request.


- Male patron exposed himself to a female patron.
- The same patron mentioned above was spotted again in the building. RUPD was called.
- A young woman collapsed. EMT were called.
- Custodian found a woman’s wallet in the men’s restroom trash can. The money was missing from the wallet, but the credit cards and ID were still there.
- In the information commons area an alarm went off when a patron opened an emergency exit to let people in from the outside.
- A patron was touching himself inappropriately.
- The Computer consultant tossed the file cabinet keys across the room to the Circ desk, breaking a hanging overhead light in the process, instead of physically walking the keys back to their proper location.
- A minor leak was reported by a student staff member.


Emergency Flowcharts

  • Brian Stubbs shared the changes to the emergency command chart, after the final edit it will be forwarded to Judy and Roger for final approval.
  • The group discussed the designated emergency gathering areas for each location. Jazmine voiced some concerns about the location determined for Annex & TSB. She felt it was too close to the building, and in the way of possible emergency vehicular traffic. Penny will contact John Brennan to confirm the correct location . When all areas are finalized, the information will be included with the emergency command chart.


- Quiet at the library. The space of the old computer lab will be used as a meeting space/congregation area for students.
- Good air temperature currently in the library – not looking forward to when the heat will be inevitably turned on. The disabled access restroom was out of order for a few days; a new flushometer was needed. It is now repaired.
Dave/Imaging Services
- New staff member – Nancy Kim. Many people in the office are sick, due to a cold bug being circulated.
- They have started shifting the collection, due to that there are no more sorting shelves. The books are now arranged on trucks at the circulation desk and brought directly up to the stacks for shelving. Article deliveries have been busy.
- Noticed a lower homeless population at Alex. The glass computer lab in reference is basically deserted since the implementation of RUID protected PCs. They are interviewing for new staff.
- nothing new to report
- Quiet. They are conducting interviews to fill Sal’s position.
- Still busy, new students have been hired so hopefully some of the coverage issues will be lessened. There has been loads of evidence that food and drink are being brought into the library. There have been sticky tables, increased food trash, and dead roaches spotted.
- May Chin retired and currently a voucher is working on reserves with Ramon. A lighting problem near the computer labs has been discovered, and should be resolved soon. Busy during the evening hours, seemingly more so than last semester, and there have been less homeless people in the library.
- Workers are still not done with the repainting and moving furniture from the window project. There have been problems with the new fire suppression system. They are having issues getting the new system to communicate with the older system that is used in the rest of the building. There is an upcoming meeting to discuss the progress of the installation.
- Francoise is conducting an NB wide survey of outlets to determine where more are needed. An obstacle to installing new outlets at units is price. Each whole cut into the floor is very expensive. So the project will be implemented in two phases, focusing on sites with dire needs first. Francoise also wants to create 2 additional group study rooms down the hall from the recently completed ones on the third floor. She also is interested in making the glass enclosed breezeway on the third floor into a study area as well.
- New EAL librarian started at Alex on October, 8th.
- Alex has been quiet, however just the past weekend some was caught trying to steal a library book. Incident report pending
- continuing 2B shift

Next meeting – November 20 at Kilmer

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