Minutes of December 18, 2007 meeting

David Augusma, Asuncion DeChavez, Barry Lipinski, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger
Ramon Negron, Fred Oranato, Bill Puglisi, Susan Brower, Ann Watkins
Adrian Butler, Brian Stubbs



Security and Personal Safety Workshop

Rose Barbalace, Penny Weniger and Officer Jennifer Hammill met to discuss and plan a security and personal safety workshop for staff and student workers for the spring semester. RUPD will be presenting the workshop that will include a PowerPoint presentation and other interactive elements. The workshop will be held at the SCC lecture hall in two sessions (morning and late afternoon) and will be videotaped for future use. Penny is hoping that video clips from the workshop can be uploaded to our revised website.

Holiday Meeting

During a Sakai chat meeting the group decided to hold its holiday party/meeting on January 15 at LSM Special Collections Room. It will be a potluck luncheon.

Emergency Flow Chart

The flow chart is 99 percent complete and has been submitted to Officer Hammill for her input. Penny also asked her to show the chart to Bill Scott, Director of Emergency Services for his feedback as well.

Emergency Contact List

There are ongoing discussions about making this list an online document. The group agreed this was a great idea that would make it more convenient for all to use at home or at work.

Incident Reports




Discussion Topics

Impromptu Discussion

The reports of the persistent elevator problems at LSM led to a discussion about the Incident Reporting forms that we currently use. Marc Forster posed the suggestion that we consider creating a subset of the current incident report form to handle elevator and other facilities related issues. He also noted that some people on the CC list for the current incident report form might not be interested in receiving the reports about maintenance issues. Roger asked that our group discuss it. Due to the low attendance, the discussion will be tabled until the next meeting.

Roger asked group members (other than coordinators) to serve as mentors and develop a training plan for the 5 upcoming RUL new hires. The idea is give the new employees an overview of what we do as a group as well as sharing procedural information in the areas the group is focused. Glenn volunteered to work on this project. Roselyn volunteered to assist him.

Information Sharing

- quiet at Kilmer. The usual door repairs have been done. Kevin, Paul and Will have all pitched in to help fill the coverage voids due to vacancies and absences at the library.
- Persistent elevator issues causing systems and imaging services staff to have to hand carry heavy equipment and paper deliveries up flights of stairs. Michele is concerned about the safety of patrons in the elevators since they are prone to breakage. She asked the group their thoughts on placing a permanent out of order sign on the elevators as a protective measure.
- Michele has been working with Andy to assess the shelving needs and installation on the third floor.
- The reference librarians hosted their annual holiday pizza party.
- The elevator problems at LSM have proved challenging for Imaging Services as they try to deliver copier materials and perform daily tasks.
- The continual breakage of the elevators at LSM has made it difficult to receive periodical deliveries and has made work very frustrating. There is a new receiving coordinator Ė Yuhwei Ling has accepted the Supervisor position at LSM-Distributed Technical Services, and a new staff member at Alex DTS, Katrina Zwaaf, responsible for processing the records received through the MARCIVE program and will also be responsible for all end-processing of material received at the Alexander DTS office.
- concerned about the effectiveness and of the guard/welcome desk at Alexander library. He has observed the student staff at that post socializing or doing homework instead of being vigilant of patrons. The group briefly discussed the uses of the welcome desks at their various units. The issue will be placed on the agenda at a future meeting as well as posed at the Supervisorís meeting.
- Fairly quiet exam period. The library was far busier the week before exams.
- The library has been busy during exams. They are currently interviewing for the Library Assistant 2 position.

Next meeting Ė January 15, 2008 Ė LSM Special Collections Room, 1pm

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