Minutes of February 19, 2008 meeting

David Augusma, Susan Brower, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Oranato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger
Bill Puglisi
Adrian Butler



Our mid-year report was submitted 1/31/08. After it was submitted an outline for how future reports to be written was distributed. The outline format is based on RUL’s strategic goals. They are:

At the Access Services meeting last Thursday, Penny reported that our group activities for the first 6 months of this year match these points as such:

The yearly annual report will no doubt be authored using this format. Please consider these points as we continue our work through the remainder of the fiscal year. Penny will appreciate your input when writing that report with these points in mind.

Incident Reports review (12/19/07 – present)

1. Community user engages Welcome Desk staffer in a disconcerting conversation. It was decided to contact RUPD who responded quickly and discussed the situation with Jeff Teichmann and the staff person involved. RUPD shared that the person has been named in several other RUPD reports.
2. Faculty member using the Current Periodicals Reading Room complains about the odors and attire of an apparently homeless individual nearby. This individual is frequently noted sleeping and eating in the public PC area.
3. Community borrower mentioned in the first incident report is again noted as initiating a conversation with a student worker who becomes uncomfortable with the subject matter. As this person has been problematic on many occasions, Jeff encourages possible banning.
1. The HVAC control panel is located in the Annex assistant’s office area, which frequently overloads and losses power, when the assistants PC is powered up. This situation impacts on the HVAC in the stacks and the shared fire annunciator panel in TAS.
1. The entrance door was reported as being unlocked by Facilities personnel; however, the door was discovered locked by opening library staff.
1. Fire alarm technicians were conducting routine check ups and noted that several loose and bent ceiling lights in the Reference room. One of the light covers fall and hurt one of the technician. She refused to seek any medical care. As a large lift truck needed to be brought in to repair the lighting and caused noisy disruption of the Mabel Smith Douglass room during exams when students studying heavily populate the room. As well, ½ of the room had to be roped off. This prompted Francoise to send an e-mail of complaint to William R. Scott, Deputy Chief of Emergency Services. Chief Scott noted the situation and assured that future inspections will not be scheduled during exams.
2. A laptop was stolen prompting a staff member to pursue the thieves who were ultimately apprehended.
1. Media Services alarms were activated when closing staff discovered room 010 unlocked. RUPD was notified and the responding officer reset the alarm.
1. Workers using ladders apparently propped open the emergency exit door on the ground floor exit as well as the doors to the basement stairwell. The emergency doors being propped opened caused the related alarms to sound.
2. A short term power outage caused most of the computers, including ClockTrak to power down and caused the alarms to sound. The situation happened again at midnight, again only briefly.
1. A small leak is noted coming from the ceiling of the 2nd floor. The affected stacks were covered with plastic and facilities was contacted.
1. LSM was contacted regarding a key stuck in a door lock at SERC. Marc Forester responded and spayed the lock with WD40, which allowed the key to loosen and be removed.

Discussion Topic

System Wide Incident Report Form

The system wide incident report form on the Libraries Human Resources pages differs from the one that we have been using in Access Services. It is felt that it would be a good idea to have all 3 campuses use the same form, but with applicable distribution lists, and have it available to all on both the libraries HR site and the S&F site. The group compared the Dana incident form to the one used on NBL. They were very similar and the group suggested that we integrate aspects of both forms. Ann and Penny will work on creating an integrated incident report form. Camden to follow.

Information Sharing

Kilmer – Jill Locasio is the new reserve coordinator and Saturday opener. Barry wanted to learn more information about the new custodial staff to know when they will be in the building, especially for security purposes. Barry recommended having a meeting between all the unit supervisors and the custodial supervisors. The elevators have been down since last Thursday. It has been called in repeatedly but yet to be repaired. The elevators were lurching and groaning could be a risk. Ongoing issues with the automatic doors.

LSM –The shift is still coming along. We are up to the R section. The Folios have been moved upstairs to the 3rd floor. Library interiors relocated some shelving on the the third floor. Sorting sheves for the circulating Collection and Journals are now on the third floor. The elevator broke again but is now working.

Asuncion/CS – The elevator on the third floor has been repaired. They are compressing new journals to create more space for Folio. Many journals have gone electronic.

ART – Busy with reserves and new students. After a period of the building not being cleaned at all, the new cleaning staff seems to be working. Roselyn has only caught glimpses of them, but she can tell that they do come in and spot clean throughout the evening. The elevator has been experiencing problems, not breaking down, but periods of malfunction or slow reaction. During those periods the elevators is put out of service until it resets itself.

Ramon/DGLSS – Quiet. The circulation desk is now remaining open until midnight.

Brian/ALEX – Moving shelving in the bound periodicals. There was a leak in special collections related to testing the fire alarm systems and although the sprinklers did not come on, the pipes filled with water and leaked through some holes in the pipes.

Penny – Douglass is having a workshop for staff on WORD 2007 on 2/20. They have a new staff member, Abdullah Sherzad who will be working on reserves. The Sharon Fordham lab is complete, yet not officially open for business. They are still installing software on the computers and working on policies and procedures for usage of the lab.

Next meeting

March 18, 2008
Location TBA ing

January 15, 2008
LSM Special Collections Room, 1pm

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