Minutes of July 22, 2008 meeting

David Augusma, Susan Brower, Asuncion De Chavez, Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Ramon Negron, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley (recorder), Shawn Rogers, Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs
Adrian Butler, Fred Onorato, Michele Tokar



This was Barry’s first meeting as the coordinator of the group. It is a homecoming for him, as he was the first coordinator of the group when it was originally formed years ago.

The group welcomed Jill Morrow from Admin back to its roster.

Shawn Rogers from Dana has joined the group while Ann Watkins is on sabbatical.

No meeting in August. The next meeting will be Sept. 16th at 3pm.

Discussion Topics

The group reviewed the annual report written by Penny Weniger.

It is one of the group’s goals to create a centralized incident report form to be used on all campuses – Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. The group would like to have this same form available as well on the RUL UHR page.

There was discussion at the May Access Services Committee (ASC) meeting about reporting incidents such as thefts and indecent behavior to the building listserv of the libraries where the incidents occurred so that all staff are aware. Currently, there is a more limited distribution list in place. Some ASC members suggested a one or two line summary of the incident would suffice rather than the complete incident report document. Barry stated at the ASC meeting that he felt the entire document would be useful for distribution to the listserv since it would provide a narrative summary of what happened. However, he was concerned by the fact that he has seen RUL listserv messages on the internet. If the messages are retrievable, we would not want to post the incident report documents since they often need to contain the names of individuals. The Security and Facilities group discussed this matter and agreed that it would like to distribute the completed incident reports to a building listserv if (possibly through how they are set up by their administrator) they can be protected from being accessible on the internet. Barry said he would take this recommendation back to the ASC.

Jill and Barry met with Diane Gravatt, Director of Environmental Services and Grounds, discussing the recent reorganization in the custodial department and Kilmer’s needs. The meeting went well, with many specifics addressed, and working relationships and expectations shared.

The group reviewed the User Conduct Policy document and discussed recent incidents with public usage computers, as well as youth in the libraries causing disruptions. Barry shared a few recent Ask a Librarian questions where students complained about the behavior of non-Rutgers individuals, adult and youth at Alexander Library. Jill shared her incident at Kilmer of finding three unattended children who were left alone while their parent attended class. Barry shared his experiences with dealing with unattended youth. He suggested that staff be firm with them and continuous enforcement is key in controlling this behavior.

Shawn reported that Dana has a security patrol and someone who sits at a guard desk to help with disruptions. Shawn agreed that children need to be talked to about their behavior. All the community access computers at Dana have timers. The timers have helped address the computer usage issues. People use the computers for the allotted time and then they leave.

Brian suggested that RUL come up with a standardized way to deal with disruptions. Maybe guest logins can be used for the nonpublic access computers when they are free and the community computers are all in use.

The group also debated how timers and guest logins would affect non-Rutgers students who are taking classes at the university. The limited access can prove to be a problem for them to do their research.

Valeda Dent is actively addressing recent security concerns that have been expressed by some users, bringing the concerns to Cabinet and reaching out to staff for their input on solutions. Anne Butman from Systems is looking into timer software for the public access computers and also investigating installing privacy screens in case users are looking at potentially offensive material.

Incident Reports




Information Sharing

David/Imaging Services – Busy trying to repair continued copy card problems at Art.

Asuncion/LSM – New item types and new holds for holdings, the department is getting adjusted. The building status has been good.

Barry/KILMER – Had a meeting with Diane Gravatt, Director of Environmental Services and Grounds. Kilmer will accept reservations for their new four new group study rooms, located on the second floor, at the circulation desk. The rooms still need locks to be installed and chalk boards.

Susan/ALEX – Soap dispensers in Alex women’s bathroom is being tampered with, has been found on the floor, on the counter etc each day.

Brian/ALEX – Ongoing problems with the front doors – they are not being closed properly, perhaps due to temperature changes or custodial crew unfamiliarity with the nuances of the building.

Roselyn/ART– Copier issues – remote printing not working. And a bad jam in the black and white copier was just repaired by servicemen. Someone left offensive copies in the copy machine.

Bill/ALEX – Large carpenter ant problem in the atrium, an exterminator was called. The problem now seems under control. They are in the preliminary planning stages of looking into getting a café at Alex. It would be located in the front of the current reference area.

Glenn/ILS – All quiet in ILL – 2 positions are opening up.

Ramon/DGLSS – Looking forward to having a meeting with Valeda about how to handle their ongoing issues with community users.

Dana/Shawn – Problem with their handicap doors. Ann Watkins has left for her sabbatical.

Next meeting – Sept. 16th from 3 pm to 4:30 pm – Location: Kilmer Library Media Classroom with video conferencing to Dana Special Collections Room and Robeson Conference Room 290.

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