Minutes of October 21, 2008 meeting

David Augusma, Susan Brower, Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar
Asuncion De Chavez
Adrian Butler, Shawn Rogers



The changes in the budget will have an impact on the libraries. Marianne Gaunt announced an RUL hiring freeze on October 10, 2008. RUL does hope to be able to maintain the extended hours for studying.

Safety Matters

http://publicsafety.rutgers.edu/PDF/SAFETY_MATTERS_08-09.pdf [PDF]
http://rupd.camden.rutgers.edu/Safety_Matters.pdf [PDF]

Barry shared the links for the Safety Matters newsletter that is produced for all three campuses. The sites are filled with useful information, such as info about procedures during a campus lockdown caused by the presence of shooters on campus. The site also has stats for the past two years on crime on campus. There is also a log that includes case numbers for all crimes reported to the RUPD.

Facilities Reporting Responsibilities

Administrative Support Services Task Force released a report recommending a restructuring of administrative support functions affecting staff at Kilmer, Douglass, LSM, and Alexander. One of the changes would be for Access Services to be the initial facilities contact. The 6-month pilot program is set to begin in January of 2009. The plan now is for Access Services to call Facilities directly and continue to keep a log book for all service calls made. Georgina Alonzo’s role in this reorganization is to be determined. It was discussed that she could provide follow-up between access services and facilities to ensure that tasks are completed.

On November 6, 2008 Lila Fredenburg announced that these changes in administrative support functions have been postponed indefinitely in light of the need for budget cuts.

Ramon brought up the question of whether facilities related incidents needed to be documented with incident reports. The group thought that unless it was of some threat to the collection or staff/patrons that the log book would suffice. However, the incident reporting guidelines, last reviewed on 4/15/05, will be reexamined so that there is a clear understanding of when to fill out a report.

Incident Reports





Information Sharing

Jill/Kilmer – The elevator is out of service. The new carpet for the building could be on hold now that the budget is being reevaluated. There is construction on campus. And the group study rooms are proving to be very popular. The 24 hour advanced reservation of the rooms is working well. The building temperature has been uncomfortably warm.

Brian/Alex – The group study rooms are well used at Alex. The new ones are anticipated. Floors 2a and 2b are quiet study floors and patrons who complain about noise levels are recommended to use those areas. Brian posed the question why one library on campus does not offer 24-hour access. He thinks students would benefit from that.

Fred/Alex – Continuing the shift of the bound periodicals.

Michele/LSM – The library is open until 2 am this semester and it is working well.

Roman/Douglass –Ramon requested a standard/official sign for the no smoking policy to be displayed on the main entry doors. However, as far as anyone knew there was no official signage available.

Dean/Annex – New security alarm is being installed. They are looking at converting the existing fax line for dual use instead of installing a new dedicated line.

Dave/Imaging Services – The imaging center at LSM is now closed. It was not generating any revenue; as it only made 26 dollars last year. All of the staff has been moved to Alexander.

Fred/Alex – Continuing to do a shift of the bound periodicals

Bill/Alex – Received the carpet samples for Kilmer. The SCC is constructing a new office. Two new group study rooms will be starting construction on 10/27/08.

Glenn/ILS – The office has been quiet. Anne Butman has resolved all the email issues with notifications.

Next meeting – Tuesday, November 18th from 3 pm to 4:30 pm—Location: Kilmer Library Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana Electronic Classroom Lower Level and Robeson Conference Room 2 (Room 204).

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