Minutes of March 31, 2009 meeting

Susan Brower, Asuncion De Chavez, Barry Lipinski (coordinator), Jill Morrow, Dean Meister, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins
David Augusma, Adrian Butler, Ramon Negron, Bill Puglisi, Brian Stubbs


Barry welcomed Ann Watkins back to the group.

The RUPD "Safety Matters" newsletter issued its latest installment on Feb 3rd, with the latest campus crime statistics.

Mid Year Report

Group reviewed copies of the midyear report.

Major points of the report were PC password protection and PC reservation software implemented in the libraries, sharing banned letters with library staff in order to foster a safe environment, the goal of creating a system-wide incident report form, the lock down procedures workshop (sponsored by the Health & Safety Committee), and a review of emergency procedures during power failures.

Lock Down Presentation Review

The Health and Safety Committee sponsored this informative presentation which was developed and delivered by RUPD Officer Richard McGilvery. Rutgers University is at the forefront of preparedness and training for these sorts of emergency situations and is equipped to act as a first response unit. Participants gained specific knowledge about how to handle extreme emergency situations on campus. The power point presentation used at the seminar is anticipated to be made available for people unable to attend the workshop. There is also a web document on how to react when there is an Active Shooter on campus at http://publicsafety.rutgers.edu/rupd/

The University has also implemented a text messaging alert system to quickly notify faculty, staff, and students during emergencies.

Incident Reports - January to March, 2009





Information Sharing

Jill/KILMER – Elevator has been repaired; getting new outlets in the building; experiencing ongoing issues with the doors; a lot of construction on campus.

Asuncion/Michele/LSM – Painted columns; put in new lights; LSM had lock down presentation – RUPD was called back to their building meeting to help them determine their safe place during emergencies; summer session has funded extended hours during the summer at LSM and Alex. The libraries will be open until 11pm.

Dean/ANNEX – There was a weird leak – water came under the wall on the TSB side. Apparently a downspout was being clogged by an accumulation of leaves. The first tour of the Annex had 14 participants. The next tour was scheduled for April 1st. Thousands of volumes were sent to the Annex from Alex while new carpet is being installed.

Roselyn/ART – NetID protection was added to the computers at Art during spring break. There are 5 computers open for public use. Computer usage seems to be steady, maybe even slightly decreased. Continued heavy usage of books and study space.

Glenn/ILS – Attended the ILLiad conference in Virginia Beach

Next meeting – Tuesday, May 19, 2009 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.—Location: Kilmer Library Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Conference Room 290).

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