Minutes of July 21, 2009 meeting

Susan Brower, Asuncion De Chavez, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Morrow, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar
Dean Meister, Roselyn Riley, Ann Watkins, Kelly Worth
Dave Augusma, Adrian Butler


Recapping the Year in Security and Facilities

The group reviewed its work during the past year. It provided input that contributed to the decision to introduce PC reservation software at Alexander and Douglass. It examined the Incident Report Form and the guidelines for using it; Dana is now making use of the form. The group participated in the Lock Down Procedures workshop sponsored by the Health & Safety Committee. It reviewed how to handle power failure emergencies and concluded that both Valeda Dent and Judy Gardner should be notified.

Group Priorities for 2009-2010

Barry discussed how the Security and Facilities Group had engaged in the past year in overlapping initiatives with the Health and Safety Committee, which shares three members. He said he had initially intended to propose that the group make one of its priorities identifying in each library a list of facility maintenance priorities. But, he realized that this work was already being done by Francoise Puniello and the Administrative Team. Barry invited the group to reflect on what it saw as its mission. Brian, Glenn, and Ramon all commented that they saw the group playing a needed role in examining security and maintenance concerns and in helping to implement policies and procedures and to suggest changes when needed.

Barry said that group coordinators and Judy have discussed the current group structure and are considering having a training group that would address training needs throughout Access Services.

The group identified the following priorities for 2009-2010: 1) Review with staff the Emergency Procedures Manual; 2) Evaluate how well PC Reservation is working and whether it should be extended to all Rutgers libraries; 3) Replace the Incident Report Form that appears on the Library Administration web page with the Access Services Incident Report Form; and 4) Update Incident Reports in the minutes by consulting the RUPD Daily Crime Log to indicate whether an incident has resulted in an arrest, a situation resolved, an ordinance issued, or remains an open case.

Incident Reports



Information Sharing

Bill/ALEX—Delivery of the new carpet has been delayed by a week; now expected to arrive on July 23rd; reference room and 3rd floor graduate reading room are to be carpeted first. New sprinkler pipes are being installed in DTS staff room and new periodicals area.

Brian/ALEX—Asked if the group would be interested in making it a procedure to check the Banned User folder when reporting an incident to RUPD. (The consensus of the group was that that responsibility should reside with RUPD). Requested that when walkie-talkies are ordered, we purchase a few extra so that we have replacements that are compatible.

Ramon/DOUGLASS—Repairs to the front door bridge are near completion; main door expected to be reopened by the beginning of August; weeding and shifting continues in preparation for the move of Media to Douglass. Recommended that the resolution (when known) of incidents reported to RUPD be announced (Group has made that a priority for the upcoming year).

Jill/KILMER—New carpet installation is underway; Access Services and Reference staff are currently operating on the lower level while the first floor is closed until July 27th; chiller project is almost done; the last part needing to be done is the balancing of the system.

Asuncion/LSM—DTS-LSM is scheduled to move to Alexander on August 14th.

Michele/LSM—Two Facilities personnel now have offices in the basement of LSM.

Next meeting – Tuesday, September 29, 2009 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.—Location: Kilmer Library Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Conference Room 290).

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