Minutes of September 29, 2009 meeting

David Augusma, Barry Lipinski (coordinator), Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar
Adrian Butler, Susan Brower, Fred Onorato, Brian Stubbs, Ann Watkins, Kelly Worth



Group meetings may switch to bi-monthly. (Last meeting was July 2009.)

The incident report forms should be updated. Please add Mary Fetzer to the form: Mary Fetzer, Interim AUL, Research & Instructional Services, fetzer@rci.rutgers.edu. Barry will be sending out a revised form soon.

Annual Report Review

Group went over the annual report.

Some points of note: PC reservation software – almost all the libraries in RUL are using it. Kilmer is now considering adding the software as well due to increased usage by non-university individuals that is impacting access time for RU students.

Incident Report form – Dana is now using the RUL NB form with a Newark campus customized distribution list at the bottom of the form.

REHS Webpage

The website is a resource for library staff. The link to the site and some pertinent information (such as guidelines for using a fire extinguisher) has been added to the Emergency Manual. http://rehs.rutgers.edu

Facilities Interruption site – useful to find out about construction and other service interruptions. http://fms.rutgers.edu/interruption

Incident Reports

The possibility of sharing information about incidents via sakai was discussed.







Information Sharing

Barry/KILMER – Jill Morrow will be working between LSM and Kilmer. Kristi Conover has left LSM administration for an Access Services position at Math/Chang.

Michele/LSM – LSM now has PC reservation software installed. There are 2 computers reserved for the UMDNJ community and four open to the public. The software has caused some frustration for the research community not affiliated with RU or UMDNJ, as complain they need longer time to do adequate research. Michele has been helping with student coordination as Marc has been out for 2 weeks. There is no custodial staff on the weekends, and the library is very busy during those times. The library now has a change machine.

Dean/ANNEX – Custodial staff issues – new staff are unaware of the building setup and where supplies are housed.

Roselyn/ART – PC reservation software was installed on the two public computers. Busy with training new student staff. Continued complaints from students about why they cannot use their RU IDs to pay for copies and printing at the library.

Dave/Imaging Services – RUL express is available on the copiers at ALEX. The students have been confused as to what their card will actually pay for – copies not printing. There are coin change machines at Alex that provide quarters for the parking meters.

Bill/ALEX – New carpet installation is going smoothly. Jeff Teichmann has been a big help during this process. Sprinkler system was tested, no leaks, so it went well. New reference area is set up and well received. Mice have been found in reference, exterminator is working on controlling the problem. Ongoing leak issue on the 3rd floor due to the mechanical room, so the plastic sheeting covering the books is left on at all times. No custodial staff on weekends so bathrooms are a mess. This issue has been forwarded to the Facilities head, but the department is short handed.

Glenn/ILS – Described his efforts routing users through the Government Documents area during the carpet project.

Next meeting – Tuesday, November 24, 2009 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.—Location: Kilmer Library Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Conference Room 290).

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