Minutes of November 24, 2009 meeting

David Augusma, Barry Lipinski (coordinator), Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins
Adrian Butler
Susan Brower, Kelly Worth


Emergency Procedures Manual

Group members Bill, Barry, and Kelly are members of the Health & Safety Committee, and were a part of the initiative to update the Emergency Procedures Manual.

The newly updated copy has been distributed. Each unit is encouraged to have all staff review the manual and then share their comments and questions at a building meeting.

The revised manual contains sections unique to each library, and an area to place library specific calling chains and contact lists.

The most up to date incident report form was not added at the time of printing, so each library will have to add that themselves.

Ramon suggested that the floor plans that list the emergency exits be revised. Perhaps emergency doors should be numbered within a building for more accuracy in pinpointing locations of exits.

Lost and Found Procedures

On Oct. 13th, Barry attended a meeting held by RUPD concerning the development of a new lost and found system. Participating in the new system would not be mandatory. RUPD purchased software, which is currently being used at Notre Dame, and thirty 8ft storage cabinets with fixed shelves. Staff (but not student staff) would be given a password to access the software to log in lost items. Items would be kept onsite in the cabinets for 6 months. Items would be tagged, logged and stored in boxes to indicate the month they were turned in. RUPD would then pick up the unclaimed items after the 6-month period, excluding books, clothing and keys. RUPD also recommended a paper log be kept in conjunction with the software. Students, faculty, staff, and community users would log into the system, examine what has been lost, and make an online claim if the item seems to match what they had lost. It was unclear in the presentation of the system what would prohibit users from claiming items that had not belonged to them.

The meeting was a good springboard to review RUL’s current procedure in dealing with lost and found. The group discussed the following:

At this time, according to their own website, RUPD is the central point for lost items on campus. The site even recommends that lost items be turned over to RUPD.

Lost wallets – always try to contact the owner and then call RUPD.

Lost RU Connection cards – according to the RUConnection Office, lost cards should be returned to them. This may be done once a week. When patrons inquire about a missing card, direct them to the nearest RU Connection office for help. RUConnection will email the student informing them that their card has been found and can be picked up.

Lost state keys – should be returned to the Security Technologies Unit.

Lost flash/usb drives – Some units currently search flash drives for info about the owner so they can be contacted. (Plugging these drives into one of the public computers is the safest method to do this, in case there are viruses on the drive.) The group discussed privacy concerns about this practice, as private files sometimes have to be opened to determine ownership. As of yet, no one has experienced any complaints about this practice, most patrons are grateful to get their drive returned to them.

Brian thought it was a good idea that we come up with some best practices to be of better service to patrons who have lost item. He suggested that we talk to other departments and reach a consensus on lost and found procedures since it outside the RUPD software.

Ramon (Douglass) and Michele (LSM) shared with the group documents from their units that outlined procedures.

Barry presented to the group the idea of putting smaller lost items (e.g., flash drives, glasses, jewelry) into clear plastic baggies with a post it indicating the date turned in and staff initials.

The group agreed that at this time the RUPD software did not seem like a feasible option for the libraries. Administering the database, with eight libraries in New Brunswick, would be cumbersome, labor-intensive, and there remain questions about what would safeguard false claims. But the group did agree to create/revise the current RUL lost and found policies and to standardize them across all units.

Incident Reports

Barry shared the RUPD daily crime logs with the group to see status updates of past cases.








Information Sharing

Barry/KILMER – Kilmer will be getting PC Reservation software and NetID PCs in January.

Michele/LSM – 2 to 3 laptops were stolen but patrons are not reporting to library staff and instead are calling RUPD on their own. Michele suggested we once again create signage to educate patrons about the dangers of leaving property unattended.

Dean/ANNEX – Still trying to implement the swipe card system for access to the stacks – hoping it will be completed by Thanksgiving. The deadline is Jan. 1st.

Bill/ALEX – Cell phone towers are being installed on the roof of Alexander. The exterior doors have been left open by custodial staff. Further training on the nuances of the building will be provided. Re-lamping is being done in the building - to new energy efficient model. New carrel furniture will be in the stacks in early January.

Next meeting – TBA

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