Serial Vendor RFP Task Force: Charge

The goal of the task force is to ensure that RUL is getting the best available serial services at the best price. All potential vendors should be considered and their products, services, and support should be evaluated.

Some criteria for the review are:

From these criteria develop an evaluation tool.

The evaluation process should include open vendor demonstrations to which all interested faculty and staff are invited. While the substance of the deliberations should remain confidential until the end, the progress of the task force should be publicized at regular intervals. Members of the RUL community should be encouraged to provide input and have ample opportunity to do so.


Prepare and issue the Request for ProposalsApril 11th
Receive Responses to ProposalsMay 9th
Hold vendor demosMay 16th through May 31st
Make recommendation to CabinetJune 7th
Sign contract and begin implementationJune 30th

Cabinet will review the task force's recommendations, and if approved, they will take effect in fiscal year 2007.

Matt Kaiser of Rutgers Purchasing Department will serve as an ex-officio member of the Serials Vendor RFP and Evaluation Task Force, and I will also participate as a full member.

Posted March 16, 2006
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