Minutes of July 8, 2002 meeting

Michelle Best, Salvatore Cardinale, Joan Hendershot, Julie Kaufman, Cathy Pecoraro, Suzanne Posluszny, Kayla Reichardt(Recorder)

1. Claim Problems

The Claims Focus Group met briefly on July 8th to decide on the manner in which our claim problems should be resolved. A claims report was produced to include all those items that were expected in 2000 or older, which was distributed at this meeting to be divided up amongst the hub subgroups. A suggestion for a preliminary guideline for evaluating and processing older claims [“Claims Initiative”] was also distributed.  The goal of this “Initiative” is to bring all claims to some form of resolution; either the ordering of a replacement or the receipt of the material.  Finally, a process was defined for cleaning out the remaining problem claims resulting from the FAXON transfer.  A discussion ensued on the validity of both processes put on the table, a few minor changes were made and the documents were approved for further hands on testing until the next meeting.  The “Claim Initiative” project was given an October 1st deadline for the initial go thru [searching/evaluation of all record and first contact with vendors/publishers].

[See page 2 for the “Claims Initiative” & “FAXON Transfer Clean Up”]

CLAIMS INITIATIVE [Deadline - January 1, 2003]:

Clean up old claims:

Evaluate control record for legitimacy

Final outcome

FAXON transfer clean up:

Evaluate notices for proper addresses
- claim is for FAXON

  1. remove the claim
  2. create [a new] claim
  3. change claim reason = NO SERVICE & cross off notice
    • claim is for other vendor, make sure address is correct & mail
    • Evaluate prediction lists for FAXON claims
    • create the claim
    • change claim reason = NO SERVICE
    • Use original vendor transfer lists to evaluate transfer status & remaining FAXON claims. [KR]
    • Notices for FAXON will be weeded out from other reports based on the claim reason
    • 1 FAXON notice report per hub = 1 HUMSOCSCI w/Alex address & 1 SCI w/LSM address

Next meeting: TBA
Recorders: Suzanne Posluszny, Kayla Reichardt

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