Minutes of August 16, 2002 meeting

Michelle Best, Salvatore Cardinale, Joan Hendershot, Julie Kaufman, Cathy Pecoraro, Suzanne Posluszny(Recorder), Kayla Reichardt


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  2. 2000 or older claims report
  3. Review of guidelines for processing problematic claims
  4. “NO SERVICE” for the Faxon-Ebsco transfer clean up
  5. Future agenda items

1. The group approved the minutes from the last meeting. Kayla mentioned she would compose minutes from last meeting on July 8th 2002, when the group met to discuss procedures for the claim initiative.

2. 2000 or older claim report

Members of the group commented on problems encountered in processing the claim reports from 2000 or older. Joan said she was working on unit claims and Alex claims. She mentioned that she was all done processing the unit claims and is now working on Alex claims. Problems she frequently discovered were laps in ordering, cancelled subscriptions, controls needing to be removed, and orders placed and no receipt. She also mentioned she checked with selectors in regard to non-receipt of publications. Kayla mentioned she is working on claims for Physics, part of LSM, part of Math, and Chemistry. She said problems encountered were late claims and no response from vendor. Kayla also mentioned Math library has a large numbers of claims due to cancellation of paper format journals in the ACM package. Controls were removed and material was discarded when paper format was cancelled and electronic format was purchased. Later it was learned paper came free with electronic format. Cathy said she is working on claims for Math library. Problems she discovered were frequency problems, delayed publication, ceased publications, tossed issues, and old claims. Suzanne said she was processing claims for LSM. Problems she encountered included old claims, no response from vendors, ceased publications, and controls not removed. She also mentioned she was contacting selectors for decision on titles.

Joan suggested having a new problem report for 2001 and older in January 2003. She also suggested having a report run annually, which the group thought was a good idea. Kayla said she would look into having reports run for ceased/cancelled titles, controls with no predictions, order re-new and suspend. Kayla said if a title is suspended the category 2 on the control record should be changed to suspend so that a report can be run on those titles.

3. Review of guidelines for processing problematic claims

Michelle mentioned government documents United States depository is claimed from the agency. She said she checks with Stephanie Bartz if a title is not received and finds out if it has changed format to electronic. Kayla suggested government documents claiming should be discussed at the next meeting.

4. “NO SERVICE” Faxon Ebsco transfer clean up

Kayla said she would run a report of the titles in the Faxon transfer. Cathy and Joan discussed their way of handling claims for Faxon. Cathy deletes the claim and then regenerates the claim and changes the reason to “No Service.” Joan sends the claims out and then changes the reason to “No Service”. The group agreed to the following procedures:

5. Future Agenda items

Next meeting September 20th 2002
Next recorder: Kayla Reichardt, Michelle Best

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