Minutes of November 13, 2002 meeting


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. Procedure for ceased reports
  3. Follow-up discussion for multiple issues that are Out-of-Print
  4. Statistics (bring copy of new claiming statistics forms)
  5. Guidelines for Government Documents claiming

1) The group approved the previous minutes. Kayla will forward to Andrew to posted on the web.

2) Joan gave ceased list for Alex to Kayla. Paul & Robin worked on procedures for Ceased items. Kayla will go over procedures with Robin & Paul. Robin does all work in closing control etc. then gives to Iris Maintenance person.

3) Do sample week of statistics for next meeting. Kayla will remind us. Went over Sample week form. Kayla will add Touzot & Camerio for Alex. Claim statistics are done each week. Claiming Responses Statistics- do sample week only finished Statistics go to Kayla ???

4) When publisher extends sub. for claimed issue, no longer available, Kayla will investigate with vendors. Give samples to Kayla???

5) Suspended/discontinued:

Alex gives to Robin to check with bibliographer to see if they want to cancel or keep open.

Suspended report will run once a year in Sept.

6) Julie Kaufman is no longer member of group, but will continue to be sent minutes & Agenda.

Next Meeting: Wed., Dec. 11, 10/30 a.m. at ALEX
Recorder: Cathy Pecoraro, Suzanne Posluszny

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