Minutes of June 25, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best (chair), Suzanne Posluszny, Yuhwei Ling and Joan Hendershot (recorder).
Kayla Reichard


  1. Claims Statistics
  2. Special Issue Claims
  3. Vendor Title# field in the Basic Folder
  4. Depository Claiming
  5. Investigating a claim that may result in the need to request a credit

Meeting was called to order @10:30am

  1. Discussed what should be counted and reported on monthly statistics given to Yuhwei.
  2. Cannot create a prediction using Special issue function. Must manually create a prediction and make issuelate. This has to be done by receiving person.
  3. Kayla working on extended info project. Kayla was to discuss this with claiming group. We will revisit this at next meeting
  4. LSM and Alex both working on depository claims. LSM sometimes receives former depository items as gifts from issueing Agency. Alex
    doesn't receive from Agency if no longer available from GPO. LSM has depository items listed by agency in vendor record. Alex has depository items listed by US Depository or NJ Depository in vendor record.
  5. Investigating a claim that may result in the need to request a credit. Will revisit this at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned @ 12.00pm


  1. Yuhwei will go over monthly statistics sheets with Kayla./li>

Next meeting Aug. 13, 2003
Location: Alex CSD
Time: 10.30
Next recorder: Suzanne Posluszny
Backup recorder: Kayla Reichardt

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