Minutes of August 14, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best [chair], Joan Hendershot, Suzanne Posluszny [recorder], Kayla Reichardt


  1. Monthly statistics reporting for claims
  2. Investigating a claim that may result in the need to request a credit
  3. Extended info project (Vendor title number project –correction to agenda)
  4. Procedures for depository claims

Meeting was called to order @ 10:35am

  1. Monthly statistics reporting for claims
    Kayla spoke to Yuhwei about changes in the claim statistics form. The new form will have an area for total claims processed, number of responses, claim ones and claim twos. Yuhwei will make changes to statistics form for ALEX and Melody will make changes to statistics form for LSM. The new statistics form will be used in September.
  2. Investigating a claim that may result in the need to request a credit
    Reasons for requesting credit include format change, ceased publication, suspended publication, and delay publication. Robin should be notified of ceased publications and format changes. The payment/order record should also be verified in ceased publications and format changes as to what we paid for. The vendor should be notified if a credit is needed, with payment information such as invoice number, date, and subscription period. A note should be made in the control record in the extended info folder of a credit being needed. Keep track of credits needed and received in a folder. Kayla will look into a claim reason to use to track credit requested. A prediction will be created to indicate "Awaiting credit for v.—no.—year." The current date will be used when setting up this predication along with any correspondence about the credit. A report will be run every three months with this claim reason. The predication will be removed once the credit is received. The report will be checked against the folder with credits needed and received.
  3. Vendor title number project
    Subscription and vendor title numbers used by vendors will be put in the basic folder on the control record. The vendor title number field will be used for material location and the subscription id field will be used for vendor title number. This information will be useful for binding and claiming. Students will insert this information into the control record.
  4. Procedures for depository claims
    Claims are being made to agencies by phone, e-mail, and written letter. ALEX uses "depository" as the claim reason, and must look up each mailing address, phone number and e-mail address for each agency to claim issues. LSM has all control records with agency addresses which is updated with new addresses when needed.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:20pm


New claim statistics form is needed to record monthly statistics


Next meeting date: September 10, 2003
Location: LSM
Time: 10:30am
Next recorder: Kayla Reichardt
Backup recorder: Joan Hendershot

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