Minutes of September 10, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best [chair], Kayla Reichardt[recorder], Joan Hendershot, Suzanne Posluszny


  1. Everetts’ & SwetsBlackwell website training

Meeting was called to order @ 10:35am

1. Everetts’ & SwetsBlackwell website training

a. KR is in the process of obtaining an Everetts’ login & password to use their website.  Therefore, training has been postponed until we have access.  It was mentioned, again, the lack of response from Everetts’ concerning our claiming needs.

b. SwetsBlackwell training was continued at ALEX after the adjournement of this meeeting.

2. Other

a. Current claim reports were handed out.  Its time to schedule the claim reports on a regular bases.  It was decided to test a 4 week schedule for the time being.  Should claims be able to be processed quicker we may go to a 2 week schedule.  We are also starting to see a large amount of predictions not a attached to a vendor record.  KR will contact Chris at Systems about receiving another “No Vendor attached” report & also see if we can receive this report on a monthly basis to determine why it keeps happening.

b. Reviewed “Awaiting Credit Procedure”.  See attached procedures page.

c. Reviewed “Cancelled Title Form” and the impact of cancellations on claims processing.  It was agreed that outstanding claims for cancelled titles should be pulled out of the routine workflow and processed as a priority.  Both hubs will have a “Cancelled Title - Claims” box and the “Cancelled Title Form” will instruct Receivers to print the claim info to be put in this box.  The Claims Coordinators will follow-up with the vendor/publisher with an email to obtain the issue[s] as quickly as possible.  Should the issue not be received in 6 months, the claim will be updated to MAGORDER.  Numerous suggestions were made to update the “Cancelled Title Form”.

d. Reviewed suggestions for NBL CSD website content for the “Serials Acquisitions – Claims” page.  We have most of the procedures, most of which are embedded in our minutes.  KR will be working on pulling them out and compiling them.  Then CFG will review them for content and accuracy.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:00pm




Next meeting date: October 8, 2003br /> Location: ALEXbr /> Time: 10:30am
Next recorder: Joan Hendershotbr /> Backup recorder: Suzanne Posluszny


Awaiting Credit

A. Upon request for credit from a vendor/publisher, create a blank prediction.

1. Type in “AWAITING CREDIT” in the enumeration field and include any corresponding information such as “for v.25” or “for 2002/2003”.

2. In the chronology field, enter any necessary instructions for the reconciliation of the records once the credit has been received.  For example, if the title has ceased publication and we receive credit for material never published, the PO# needs to be cancelled & the control records removed.

3. Enter “Today’s” date in the expected & predication date fields.

4. Enter PO#, inv# & invoice date information in the comments field of the prediction.

5. Create a claim, claim reason=REFUND & claim date=”Today”

B. Track correspondence with the vendor/publisher in the “claim comment” & “response comment” fields of the claim record.  Comments sent from us to the vendor should appear in the “claim comment” field.  Comments received from the vendor/publisher should appear in the “response comment” field.  Be sure to include dates & initials in these fields.

C. “Awaiting Credit Report” will run every 3 months and will search for any claimed predictions with the claim reason=REFUND & claim date=>3 months ago.  Invoice Coordinators, upon receipt of this report, will recontact the vendor/publisher to obtain the credit & update the claim record as indicated in “B.” above.

D. Invoice Coordinator, upon receipt of credit will follow the instructions detailed in the “AWAITING CREDIT” prediction & then remove the claimed prediction from the record.

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