Minutes of December 10, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best [chair], Kayla Reichardt, Joan Hendershot [recorder] Suzanne Posluszny
Robin Pastorio-Newman


  1. No Vendor Attached Report
  2. Cancelled Title Form
  3. Procedures for closing records - paid vs. gift, closure due to non-receipt cancelled/ceased, change of format
  4. Review claiming procedures for NBL Collection Services website

Meeting was called to order @ 10:05

  1. No Vendor Attached report
    1. This report should be run mont;hly. If not rec'd by Jan. 2004 check with Kayla.
    2. Susan is up to date on Science corrections, Joan still working on Humanities corrections.
  2. Cancelled Title Form
    1. Kayla brought sample of copy she compiled and brought to Team Leaders.
    2. Team Leaders did not approve form for use. We went over form and made several more corrections.
    3. Latest ed. only, current year only, Latest ed. Ref should already have decision as what to do with at time of cancellation. Kayla will go over with Robin.
    4. Kayla will make a work flow chart for cancellations to go along with form.
  3. Other:
    1. Discussed Gov. Doc. that change format, no longer distributed to Libraries, Ceased Publication. We decided this should be discussed at a later date.
    2. New routine for claim person if item is made Magorder.

1. Pull issues and give to receiver

2. Claim person puts note in Comment of claimed issue,
(This note is to be finalized at a later date) sample: Order repl. upon receipt, pull from bind prep.

c. Removal of control record not part of claims procedures.

1. Forward any cancellations, ceased publications, with bib record, control record and documentation of why closing record to Cancellation Coordinator.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:35 am


  1. Robin (with her ok) will do all cancellations and ceased closures for Humanities and Sciences.


  1. KR Cancelled Title Form
  2. KR Work Flow Chart for Cancellations
  3. KR Discuss procedure for retention of Current Year Only, Latest Ed.Only, Latest Ed in Ref, etc. at time of Cancellation


  1. Cancelled Title Form
  2. Closure of Pd and Gift records
  3. Review of Alex Aardvark records Jan Meeting

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