Minutes of April 21, 2004 meeting

Michelle Best [chair], Suzanne Posluszny, Joan Hendershot [recorder] Kayla Reichardt, Gracemary Smulewitz


  1. Do Not Claim Policy
  2. Publication Source Notices


1. Do not claim policy

  1. Gifts that have "Do not claim" will now be treated as regular gift claims.
  2. Do not Claim will be removed from the Control Record.
  3. Need basic parimeters in control records for gift claims
  4. Vendor information needs to be accurate in order to claim from appropriate source.

2. Publications Source Notices

  1. Notices from publishers regarding frequency changes should be given to appropriate receiver.

3. Print/Online subscriptions

  1. Claiming routines are needed for the combination print/online subscriptions.
  2. Complex problems of print/online subscriptions should be gone over with Department Head.

4. Reports

  1. No vendor reports are done by systems and sent to Joan & Suzanne once a month.
  2. Claims reports for first time claims will run every 2 weeks on Friday.
  3. Second & plus claims will be done every 4 weeks on Friday.
  4. Julie will be our point person for reports if we encounter problems.
  5. Claim Icons are:
    1. Create Report
    2. Scheduled Reports
      - lists future dates of reports to be run.
    3. Fininshed Reports
      - are ones that need to be printed, view then print reports
  6. Joan & Suzanne have authorization to run reports, Michelle will be added.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:30pm


  1. Treat "Do not claim" gifts as regular gift claims.
  2. Remove "Do not claim" from control record.
  3. Run 1st time claims every 2 weeks.
  4. >
  5. Complex problems of print/online subscriptions see Dept. Head.


  1. Need meeting for anyone making control & vendor records at LSM & Alex to go over parameters for each.
  2. Need parimeters to be set for combination of print/online subscriptions

Next meeting date:May 12, 2004
Location: Alex
Time: 10:30
Next recorder: Suzanne Posluszny

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