Minutes of November 12, 2004 meeting

Michelle Best (chair) Sal Cardinale (guest), Joan Hendershot, Yuhwei Ling, Rebecca Martinez, Suzanne Posluszny (recorder), Gracemary Smulewitz


  1. Prepayment invoices
  2. Workflow on cancelled/ceased titles
  3. Order confirmations from vendors
  4. Claims for YBP/Blackwell
  5. Consolidation Claims
  6. SMLR claims
  1. Prepayment invoices are now being received from the vendors at ALEX and LSM. Prepayment invoices should be processed as normal invoices with Gracemary reviewing the invoices before payment. These invoices will have prepayment number noted on them that should be highlighted. Any titles listed on invoices that say, “includes”, “free online” and “comes with” should have a copy made and given to Rebecca for investigation
  2. Robin now is processing all the cancelled, ceased, and format changes for all libraries. She will contact all parties involved to close the holdings and update our records.Sal discussed the receiving procedure for last issue to receive of a cancelled title. Yuhwei then discussed the replacement copy procedure to the group. The group agreed to put cancelled titles with missing issues on the Bind-Prep shelf with a special paper indicating cancelled title. These titles will be interfiled with the existing items on Bind-Prep. Titles on the replacement copy list will be looked at by library to make sure all items on the list are pulled for Bind-Prep, and to ensure no more replacement copies are needed. Gracemary asked to have statistics kept of items added to the replacement list. Titles that are frequently on the replacement list should be looked at more closely, and possibly be kept behind the Periodicals Counter. Rebecca and Gracemary should review any gift titles with numerous claims.
  3. Order confirmations should be given to Rebecca
  4. Claims should not be sent to YBP until Rebecca notifies the Claims Coordinators. LSM will now be processing Dana's claims for YBP.
  5. Rebecca will send out a list of transferred titles once she receives confirmations from the vendors. She has now received confirmations from YBP and Harrassowitz. A group of people will then be assigned to update the control records and order notes.
  6. A project is anticipated in January 2005 to clean up all the control and order records for SMLR. ALEX has taken over receiving, claims and invoice processing in January 2004 for SMLR. There have been many claims and invoice problems for this library.


  1. A copy of the invoices that say “includes,” “free online,” and “comes with” should be given to Rebecca
  2. Cancelled titles with missing issues will be added to the Bind-Prep shelf with special paper to indicate a cancelled title
  3. Statistics will be collected for items added to the replacement copy list.


  1. Receiving Coordinators will determine what type of special sheet will be included in cancelled items added to the Bind-Prep shelf
  2. Gracemary will look into running a report for titles with no predications, suspended titles, and setting up claim reports for DANA for YBP titles to be processed at LSM.

Next meeting: December 15, 2004 (tentative): ALEX
Time: 10:30am
Next recorder: Joan Hendershot
Back up recorder: Yuhwei Ling

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