Minutes of February 18, 2005 meeting

Michelle Best (recorder), Sal Cardinale, Joan Hendershot, Yuhwei Ling, Rebecca Martinez, Robin Pastorio-Newman, Suzanne Posluszny, Gracemary Smulewitz


  1. Kluwer change from Print to Internet
  2. Sage titles – Changes for 2005
  3. Prepayment/Consolidation-Recap
  4. Workflows for: Title Changes, Samples, Record Merges, Orders, Cancels, E-Titles, etc.

1. Kluwer change from print to internet – Rebecca received confirmation from Kluwer that there will be no print for any of the libraries system-wide. Once Rebecca receives the final list of titles from Kluwer, a workflow will be put into place for pulling for bindery, closing of records, etc. She is not sure how all of the titles are going to play out. Volumes of certain titles split over a year. By checking the Kluwer site and verifying what was paid on the 2004 PO are a few ways to attain information specific to each of the problem titles. These titles will be handled on case by case basis.

2. Sage titles changed from print and free internet to print and paid internet – Ebsco defaulted to print subscriptions. Swets and Harrasowitz defaulted to print and online.

3. Prepayment /Consolidation Recap – Other than Dana invoices being somewhat perplexing, the process was not much different than previous years. It should be a normal process for 2006.

4. Workflows for title changes, samples, record merges, order, cancels, e-titles – LSM cleaned out their samples database. Alex is in the process of its clean-up. Notification of title changes will now be entered in the samples database to alert receiving staff. If the issue in hand is a title change and the receivers search for the title and produce no results, the next step is to view the samples database. This new process is extremely advantageous with respect to a title change that is completely different from the earlier title, especially if the issue is absent of an ISSN. Once it is determined that it is a possible title change, the receiver will initiate the title change process. The responsibility of moving controls and the workflow for record merges will be revisited at a later date. Currently, Yuhwei and Rebecca are responsible for the ordering and PO creation of new titles.

5. Additional Topics –



Next meeting: TBA: LSM Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Sal Cardinale
Back up recorder: Joan Hendershot

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