Minutes of March 3, 2005 Meeting

Au, Becker, Boyle, Golden, Grassle, Marker, Smith, Wilson

The meeting began with a general discussion of undergraduate education at Rutgers. Where is the University going? What are students using? What is it like for a faculty member to incorporate multimedia in the classroom? Should the Libraries' role be that of a clearinghouse for information rather than becoming more deeply involved in "smart classrooms"? The Libraries need to have a well- defined identity in this arena and to send a clear message to its users and to provide information to people about relevant programs and centers in the university.

The remainder of the meeting was taken up with discussion on the preliminary findings of the first two of the three working groups: 1) how will we support faculty teaching? 2) how will we support student learning? and 3) how will we support faculty research? The members are 1) Grassle, Golden Boyle; 2) Au, McGill, Smith; and 3) Becker, Marker, Wilson. The third group will lead a discussion on supporting faculty research at the steering committee's next meeting on March 24th at 3 P.M.

Ron Becker distributed a summary of the working group's discussion on faculty teaching. The steering committee's discussion on faculty teaching support began with a recognition that new areas of emphasis need to be supported, and that the library needs to be included in the planning process for those new programs of instruction. Learning management systems as well as multi-lingual and multi-format teaching tools need to be considered. How do we best respond to changing environments?

A lengthy discussion on the role of the library liaison to departments and programs ensued. Typically, how many faculty and how many students do each liaison serve? How do we combine disciplines for the purposes of setting up library liaison relationships? How do we assess its effectiveness? Should we engage more library faculty into liaison roles (e.g. a technical services librarian with strong subject and/or teaching skills in a particular discipline) and if we do, how do we compensate for lost time in the librarian's primary responsibility?

Roger Smith distributed a discussion document on student learning and led the steering committee's discussion that followed. He noted that some of our peer institutions are now open to students at all times, i.e. 24/7. He also noted the importance of self-services to student learning, and as a possible way to extend service hours. Libraries need to be providing tutorials and more web guides and portals to information. We need better input regarding digital resources and need to ask the questions: What is possible in the context of what our users need? The library needs to model what a repository can be in support of the university. Should we develop a prototype as a data repository or let the national databases do it? Are we ready to accept data? Should we concentrate on e-journals? How shall we support distance learning? Should the liaisons be discussing these issues with their constituencies?

The next meeting's agenda will include further discussion on teaching and student learning as well as that for research. We will also set agendas for our meetings in April and for public appearances by the chair and other members of the steering committee.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker

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