Minutes of March 3, 2005 Meeting

Ka Neng Au, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Marianne Gaunt, Judith Grassle, Rhonda Marker, Roger Smith, and Myoung Wilson, recorder.

Ron Becker summarized the discussion that took place at the March 3, 2005 regarding the support of faculty teaching and student learning. He also reported that he will be meeting with the Rutgers Libraries Advisory Committee on March 29, 2005 and with the New Brunswick Faculty Council on April 15, 2005 to discuss strategic planning and get input from those constituencies.

On behalf of the team working on "supporting faculty research", Jeanne Boyle distributed an outline of the planning activities that have taken place to date and the findings resulting from those activities. The steering committee's task is to identify those activities, chosen from among these or from elsewhere, that will support the changing research needs of Rutgers faculty members.

Although the results of the recent user survey indicate general satisfaction regarding current offerings of library services, a question arose regarding new services that the libraries may want to consider. The top priorities are developing services for unmediated article delivery to desktops (the journal article version of E-ZBorrow for books) and providing "one search box" on the library homepage following the Google model.

The UL suggested that we need basic building blocks for developing our strategic directions in tandem with the university's strategic goals. One such university goal is to provide services to the state-what are the ramifications to the libraries to support this goal? The University has also established strategic research areas where Rutgers can show its prominence-they are stem cell research, transportation, nutrition and obesity, early childhood, and materials and devices. The libraries' strategic goals should address implications and guidance for developing research collections in these areas and creating the subsequent technical infrastructure to facilitate access. Considerations of research areas of on-going excellence that the University identified in previous years, however, must not be excluded. The focus should be in content (research and scholarly materials) and ease of access -these twin goals can be achieved by maximizing the integration of collections and services.

The impacts of technology on traditional library functions need reexamination and analysis. This may mean redefining library roles-it can mean expanding the library's traditional roles (such as curatorial, educational, advocacy, etc) or limiting the traditional role of libraries in order to explore and integrate new functions.

The UL's office will provide data on ILL statistics and number of liaisons by discipline. It was agreed that a statement regarding the open access movement and its implications and current transitional nature should be included in the final document.

Recorded by
Myoung C. Wilson

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/strategic_planning/minutes/strat_plan_05_03_24.shtml
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