Minutes of May 5, 2005 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Gary Golden, Judith Grassle, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Meredith McGill, Roger Smith, and Myoung Wilson

Discussion of events attended

Marketing 101 workshop

Learning spaces

Student learning focus group

how do we handle changing goals of the University? The moving target
The library has to have a seat at the table
Early notification and early involvement

Talked about the invisible communities that develop around the new, pulled-together areas, e.g., global studies. Au is on the listserv for that new area of emphasis. However, sometimes there is not as much coalescence, e.g., transportation. At the beginning, the engineering and public policy groups were thrown together without prior involvement of both parties.

Libraries need to develop a more agile workforce.
New recruitment/hiring for new areas of emphasis
Re-deployment of existing staff: Discussion earlier this year at which faculty strongly voiced their preference for developing expertise from existing workforce. Part of the motivation was that they did not want existing workforce to be relegated to obsolete practices/skills/etc.

University goals and our strategic plan

University goals under five major areas: Academic excellence, Students and campuses, Service and constituency relations, Resources for Rutgers, Leadership and administration. We need to make RUL explicit in these, not merely implicit

Consideration of an aspiration report as a model to use for our strategic plan report. E.g., budgets of aspirant institutions and ours over the next [n?] years

Aspirant institution libraries: $18 million

RUL: $14.9 million
There will be a growing gap unless we address it, and do something about it

We reviewed the Format for Plan that Judith, Jeanne, and Gary drafted. (ICR=Indirect Cost Recovery) Among the suggestions were:


Physical space:

Human resources:

Digital library:

Writing The Report

Jeanne, Ron volunteered to draft

Follow the outline/structure of the University's Strategic Goals

When will RU be up for reaccreditation? [N.B. Rutgers had its last Middle States reaccreditation visit on Mar 28-Apr 1, 1998. It is a 10-year cycle, so we can expect our next visit ca. spring 2008. That would be within our 5-year planning cycle.]

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Marker

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