Minutes of June 4, 2003 meeting

Andy Martinez, Marc Forester, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Ana Ramirez-Luhrs and Dean Meister
Megan Doyle, Megan Ingegno, Raymond Baltor, Georgina Alonzo


  1. Old Business
  2. New Business

1. Old Business

Review of current project being worked on within the group.

Student Contract
Marc F. showed the most recent revisions to the Student Contract. The group agreed on the design and the final revision will be shown at the July meeting.

Dress Code
A discussion about proper student dress was introduced by Rose and Dean. It was a consensus of the group that some sort of dress code should be mentioned in the student guide. Rose will include a small paragraph in the student guide on dress code for the group to review at the next meeting.

Confidentiality Memo
Ana L. showed her most recent revision to the Confidentiality memo for the students. The group agreed that more clarity needs to be made under what constitutes "proper library operation" and what information a student is allowed to give out and to whom.

Also information related to OPRA and where information can be located, i.e.. who to contact when someone is looking for information under OPRA, should be added.

More clarity should be made to students working at the branches as to who to contact especially when working alone or during night and weekend hours.

Glossary of Library Terms
Stacy D. introduced to the group a draft of library terms and definitions used regularly during training and orientation with a student. This glossary will be included and inserted at the end of the Student Employee Guide.

The group made suggestions to additional terms that should be included. Stacy will make the necessary additions for the next meeting as well as a possible quiz that could be used during training.

2. New Business

Voucher Budgets
A concern of voucher budget cuts was addressed. The branches will be more heavily affected by cuts to their voucher budget. They are concerned that they will not be able to attend meetings or workshops if they are unable to get the funds to cover the service desk. Rose will bring this topic to discussion at the next Coordinators meeting.

Utilization of student workers
Because there will inevitably be some cuts to the voucher budget a discussion of utilization of Work Study students was addressed.

In general any student working for the department can be used in whatever capacity the department deems necessary. The student should not expect to work on a service desk during there whole shift. A student worker should and can be used to help with all duties of the department including general office and other departmental tasks such as scanning, RDS and reserve processing.

Next Meeting - Wednesday July 2, 2003 Hughes Room - Alexander Library, 2:30pm.

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