Minutes of July 2, 2003 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Stacy DeMatteo, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Yuhwei Ling, Megan Ingegno, Dean Meister
Ana Ramirez
Matt Sheehy


  1. Announcements
  2. Old Business: Review of Current Projects
  3. New Business

1. Announcements

The group welcomed Yuhwei Ling to the meeting. Rose forwarded the last meetings minutes to Yuhwei before the meeting to catch him up on current projects. The group looks forward to the insight and contribution Yuhwei will bring to the meetings.

Ana Ramirez is out sick today but will forward the most recent draft of the Student Confidentiality Memo to Rose.

The Student Coordinator Group is now an official functional Group as of July 1st. Our new name is Student Assistant Functional Group.

2. Old Business: Review of Current Projects

Marc handed out the most recent draft of the Student Contract to the group. The group agreed to the most recent changed and layout. Suggestions to add a statement out “tampering with library equipment” and adding “No Food and Drink” to the body of the email were made. Matt suggested RUL be changed to NBL. Marc will make the final revisions for the next meeting.

Stacy shared her most recent draft of the “glossary of library terms”. The group continued to review and make some more additions to the list. Yuhwei will work Stacy to add terms relevant to working the periodical counter and within Collection Services. Final revisions will be shared with the group in the August’s meeting.

Rose handed out the most recent copy of the Student Guide. She highlighted sections where changes were made since the last meeting. The group made suggestions for the final draft: Cell phone usage, approaching students eating and drinking, and following a daily tasks list while working without direct supervision will be added to page 1. Under payroll policy (pg 2) differences between Non-benefit and Benefit will be included. A small paragraph on phone etiquette will be added on page 3 under Assisting Public Services as well as more detailed instruction on phone etiquette as an appendix to the Student Guide before the “glossary of terms”.

Dean shared a copy of phone etiquette procedures that was distributed to the branches by Roger. Megan Ingegno will send Rose her version of phone etiquette used for the students at Physics. Rose will review the two documents and make a general version to be added to the Student Guide.

Megan D. will share a student “task list” she uses at Chemistry to the next meeting.

3. New Business:

The group discussed the uses of student evaluations. Roger Smith recommends that the branch libraries use the evaluation forms at least twice a year. The group discussed doing the evaluations before final exams during the Fall and Spring semesters. These evaluations can be used to give future job references to students as well as pay increases for vouchers. Matt suggested that a space for student signature should be added to the current copy of the evaluation form. Evaluations should be discussed with students as well as expectations and areas to be improved upon by the next evaluation.

The group discussed students working without direct supervision during nights and weekends. In most cases the students call another unit to get information or assistance from another supervisor. Rose suggested a Log Book should be used to track down questions that the student needed to refer another unit for. The Log Book can be used to aid the supervisor in training needs of the evening student or weekend staff as well as to keep up on events at that may occur at the unit during off hours.

Rose brought up a discussion on the possible uses of WebCT. Ideally the group would like to use WebCT in September to present the orientation information to new students as well as post daily information to all student staff. Currently Megan Doyle at Chemistry uses WebCT for her students. Megan will look into the possibility of using WebCT to create one main page with standardized student employee information, ie payroll schedules, Student Guide, Student Expectations and confidentiality information. Links to individual units will allow the student to then get specific information about the unit they work in such as call number quizzes, schedules and phone contacts.

Rose reminded staff that Administration office usually receive Workstudy Authorization Forms 3 and 4 by the end of July for most if not all of the students that will be returning to their units for the fall. Rose suggested getting the names and emails of returning students from Administration and contact the students for schedule information before the Fall Semester starts. Usually Rose will email returning workstudy students in Mid-August and receive schedules from 60-70% of them to start by the first day of classes.

Priscilla shared with the group a draft of an “Introduction to the Department”. This intro will be used at the beginning of the student guide to give new students information on what work is done in the Access/Collection Services department as a whole. Priscilla will work with Yuhwei to add information about Collection Services. Priscilla will also add some relevant statistics to the introduction before the next meeting.

Our newly formed functional group is in need of a mission statement. Marc has agreed to draft a potential mission statement to be reviewed for the next meeting.

Rose will share an orientation checklist used at Alexander Library to the next meeting.

Next Meeting - Wednesday August 6th – 2:30pm. Place to be announced

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