Minutes of November 13, 2003 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Pat Jones, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Megan Ingegno
Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Marilyn Herod, Dean Meister


  1. Review of last month’s minutes
  2. Student Services Conference on Nov 21
  3. Part-tome employees interview questions
  4. New Access Services Website from NB
  5. Information Sharing

1. Review of last month’s minutes

Rose shared with the group the results of the shared statistics on the number of work-study and voucher employees New Brunswick Access/Collection Services has as a whole. The group reviewed the numbers for returning work-study students and questions the validity of this number to show positive return rates from semester to semester or year to year. It would be hard to generate a realistic percentage since there could be a wide variety of reasons for a student not to return to work. The group will continue to take the statistics from semester to semester since the number of students working will change each semester.

2. Student Services Conference on Nov 21

Marc shared with the group a conference that is being offered by the Student Life/Student Services Department of Rutgers. The event will be held on Nov 21, 2003 from 8:30 to 3:30 at the Busch Student Center. This event is open to anyone who works with and services students. No one in the group attended this conference in the past, Rose and several other group members will try to make the meeting and bring information about the conference to the next meeting.

3. Part-time employees interview questions

Recently Rose was asked by a group member if there were any formal written interview questions for hiring new voucher staff. The group had types of questions that they would ask at there unit when hiring new part-time employees but nothing was standardized our shared. Rose suggested that everyone send her an email with the types of question they ask or information they share during and interview. Rose will compile the information and write up a draft to share in the next meeting.

4. New Access Services Website from NB

Rose announced the new Access/Collection Services website is now available. Rose thanked Marc for a great job and asked the rest of the group to visit the site in the next month so see what information be offered there. PDF files of all forms and documents created in the function group should be available soon.

5. Information Sharing

Overall the group has not received updated voucher expenditure accounts from Admin office and voiced concerns over voucher budget and limited funding.

Pat announced that all CS students were being retrained on certain points of the public service desk

Yuhwei announced that he recently trained evening and week staff at Alexander Access to on microfilm and micoform machines

Ray is working on training students at Douglass and following up on problems with mis- shelved books.

Megan D. is having a problem with one workstudy student using staff computer inappropriately. Rose suggested contacting administrator and W/S office to follow up on possible termination.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, December 3, 3004. Place to be announced

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